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Tank Valve Issue


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After pulling in this even we needed to dump the tanks, all was well until I tried to push in the cable for one of the grey tanks!

The plastic sleeve/sheath that goes over the cable came loose from metal sleeve that mounts in the wet bay.  Is there a way to take the black metal sleeve apart and reattach the plastic sheath?


These cable valves have been nothing but a PIA since we bought this trailer. 

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16 hours ago, Kirk Wood said:

You probably need new cables. 

Yep, and put a drop of light oil on them  3-4 times annually.

I have a choke cable on my smaller farm tractor (stored indoors) that will freeze in place if not lubed occasionally, and the run is practically straight, sloping down.

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Yeah, I was afraid I was out of luck. It looks like they are LaSalle Bristol valves and like I said they have been difficult to use since new no matter how much and how often they were lubed. They are braided cable style valves as opposed to solid wire style.

BTW, thank god for the twist on valve we’ve always had on the trailer, we have a workable solution for the holiday at the kids house.


Well I’m at a fork in the road since I’ll need to fix this one I’m going to replace all three.  I’ll either go with a solid wire valve or maybe even electric. I have some trepidation about the electric. I have a 3” black and 2 1 1/2” grey tank valves.  I don’t know what kind of real estate I have down below to work with so right now I don’t know what will fit. It wouldn’t surprise me if Forest River didn’t put in several loops bends and twists in the cables when they threw this trailer together.


Do y’all have some recommendations for the replacements valves?  Is there a very reliable valve?

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