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Livingston RV Storage


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We have been Escapee members for about 15 years, about 12 years using their mail service as we are fill time. We have no sort of home base and have not had such for 12 years. That makes it more difficult when we travel internationally as we don"t have a set place to leave our motorhome. In January, we will be traveling out of the country for about two months. We have reservations out of Houston International. We have intended to leave the RV at the Escapees long-term storage. The problem is that Escapees will not take reservations for long-term storage and we were told it was "hit or miss" as to whether there would be a long term storage space available when we need it in mid-January. That makes it rough to plan. We would welcome any suggestions. Are there other places in Livingston or surrounding area that have long-term RV storage? We would prefer to leave it hooked to electrical, but could get by without as we have two large solar panels that should, hopefully, keep the batteries charged. Any thoughts would be appreciated, regarding this trip or good suggestions for other international trips.




Jim Jan

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We are also planning to visit Europe in the spring for a month this trip. We also full time and have no home except the one we drag around. Wintering in a small family owned park in central Texas and plan to keep the rig under shore power in the same site and give set of keys to the family in case of emergency. Tractor will set too with batteries unhooked. Will just pay the freight and have peace of mind while gone.


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We used Livingston storage in November when we traveled internationally for three weeks. We were told that reservations are not possible but that they have never turned anyone away. We are currently in Livingston and can confirm at least two spots that are available right now. They have several spaces in different areas of the park that for various reasons aren't fully usable (either electrical or sewer issues).


We left our unit without shore power since we emptied the fridge. We also left a nice dose of Orkin insect barrier sprayed around anything that touched the ground. We had no problems with insects or other small critters.


Feel free to contact me if you'd like me to keep an eye out.

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Thanks Matt and Sherry,


We just got to the Escapees and did get  space. So all is good, I think! It is supposed to have electric, as we want to plug in to keep our batteries charged. I check out the plugs today and it is a bit doubtful.....so we will see.


Thanks so much for your offer to help. I may PEM you.



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I'm in the same position currently (travelled out of country via IAH). I initially planned to leave the RV at Escapees in Livingston but couldn't work out transportation back to IAH. The RV is currently parked at RDP RV Storage by IAH for $68/month, no electricity. It's really just a gated parking lot. I had a lot of trouble finding somewhere near IAH for RV storage < 6 months.

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Thanks for the info in alternative storage. We like the idea of a hookup to keep battery charged and run bay heater and space heater on low so that we do not have to winterize. The only solution we could come up with for transport is to rent a car (Enterprise) in Livingston and return to airport. Reverse on return. It is not exactly cheap but not a lot of other reliable options that we could find.

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