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Keurig coffe pot


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I have just "toasted" the board on my second Keurig coffee pot, I couldn't understand what happened. After setting up I plugged in the Keurig, and started making a cup of coffee.

. All the lights started flashing on the control panel, the coffee ran over the normal 10oz cup all over my counter, and I could not stop the flow. Finally I pulled the plug. After a short cool down time I plugged back in, all light flashing, and no control of the pot.

That was last February, 2017.

On a recent trip to Phoenix we stopped for a driving break, I turned on my inverter, all watered up for a good cup of coffee. All the lights started flashing again, coffee pot overheated, and could not be shut off. Still I am baffled. I could not figure it out. I called Keurig, and they had no answer, however when I spoke with a supervisor the next day, she sent me a complimentary new pot. Thank you Keurig.

After thinking about it I realized I had been running on my Xantrex 2000 inverter, original equipment on my 2005 Beaver. I have used the Keurig for four years on shore power , and the generator, in this rig with no problem.

I am sure it has something to do with the syne rythem from the invertor, but I am not sure. I am sure I will not use the new pot with the inverter anymore.

Anybody have any ideas??


Don Alexander

SKP 23753

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8 minutes ago, dennisvr said:

...don't like the modified sine wave inverters.  

Exactly! Some newer electronic devices may not care much for the MSW inverters and there is really no hard and fast way to tell which will and which won't without plugging them in. As you noticed though... releasing their blue smoke is not desirable. ;) Even some devices that will appear to function normally take a bit more of a "beating" in terms of heat generation which may shorten their useful lifespan. Other devices may simply refuse to operate at all without necessarily causing any damage. Ie., a microwaves magnetron failing to fire.

PSW (Pure Sine Wave) inverters do generally cost a touch more, but nothing like they used to even just a few short years ago.

If your Xantrex is indeed a 10+ year old MS series, I would dare say that you've likely gotten your moneys worth out of it and might suggest asking Santa for an upgrade.

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This happens to our Keurig at home when we come back from visiting grands for four days or so. Plug it in, all lights come on and it pumps water through in a continuous stream. After trying everything else, the last few times I just keep pouring water in the reservoir and use a 20 oz cup to catch the flowing water. Everything settles down after about a full reservoir or so and goes back to normal operation.

Reason we don't have one in the camper is there are long periods of non use and I am wary of mold since there is no way to empty a Keurig.

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MSW, or square wave as we call it, chops off the upper and lower curve of the waveform, this can induce current spikes that cause both inducted heat and fluctuations in sensitive (clock driven) electronics, always use a pure sine wave inverter when possible. MSW is OK for motors (fans, drills) but can play hob with electronics, it can ruin some microwaves. I have been running a Keurig on my inverter for 3 years without issue.

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