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Dish channels and satellite

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Has anyone found a current list of satellite channels on each of the three western arc Dish Satellite. Specifically would like Satellite 119 to get the most benefit from my Pathway X2. I found a list online and quickly identified the list several years and several changes old.

Thanks Clay living primarily on the western ARC

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1 hour ago, Mark and Dale Bruss said:

But again, the X2 can do the EA and the WA.  Why limit yourself to 119?

The X2 is similar to the Tailgater, that is it can watch the three western channels, one satellite at a time. That is where the similarity ends.

X2 Has a much larger dish, the X2 can watch  the East or West ARC (but still one satellite at a time.  BUTTTT  X2 has two Outputs. allowing two receiver operation.

The purpose of the satellite list is provide a gauge to what different channels we could watch at the same time on the same satellite. If I have 119, the rest be weeded out over time.



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