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ERPU questions


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Another thread mentioned the ERPU program. From what I have seen, you lease your lot for a certain amount for five years, with the option to extend the lease for another five years for $1.


1. Can that lease be extended for more than one five year term?

2. What happens if a leaseholder wants out part-way through the five-year term?

3. Is the lot treated like the lots at the co-ops, where it can be put in a rental pool when not being used by the leasee, or is the lot completely reserved for the leasee?

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Thanks for the info, Mike, that answers a lot of questions about ERPU. The only part I took exception to was the answer to the question: "Do I have to take the site that was turned by the previous member?" The answer was: "Yes, in each park all ERPU sites are in a specific area and only the site being turned in is available."

When we arrived at Sumter Oaks last January, we had requested a specific site when we made our reservation the previous winter, but were told that site was no longer available because an ERPU site had become available the previous summer that the next person the list did not want and they were allowed to chose a different site, the one we had requested. Before anyone jumps in, yes, I'm well aware that specific sites are not guaranteed, and no notice need be given of the change, so this is not a complaint, just a relating of facts that seem to contradict what was said in the posted info sheet. I don't know if the other ERPU parks allow that type of site substitution or not, but apparently Sumter Oaks does. We've requested another popular site for this winter, and hopefully the same thing won't happen again! :(

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Dutch, was the situation that the site you had reserved had been changed to an ERPU site from a regular site?  I've heard of that happening.  I've also heard that current ERPU leaseholders get first dibs on ERPU sites that come available if they want to move.


PS:  Did we meet you last winter?  We were there from Feb through March.

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Yes, the site was a regular site (116) at the time we made our reservation. As I said, I'm not complaining since I did know that specific sites are not guaranteed up front. It would have been nice to at least receive a notice of the change when I might have had a chance to choose a different site than the one we were arbitrarily assigned to, but I also know that's covered by the "without notice" clause.

We were there all of last Feb, Mike, so I'm sure we saw each other at some point, although I don't recall actually meeting either of you. I walked all of the park roads several times, usually daily. Will you be there again this winter? We'll be on site #50 this Feb if all goes well.

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