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Apple iPhone date crashing fix iOS 11.2


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Today, both of our iPhones began crashing for no obvious reason, DW's phone worse than mine. We even went to the phone store and they knew about the new iOS 11.2 update, but weren't sure if that would fix the problem. Turns out, this problem started early today, Dec 2nd, so it's date related. The fix, if your phone is crashing, is to go into Settings, then Notifications, and disable notifications in every App that has the switch turned on, and then when that is done, go into General, and you have to be connected through a wifi connection, and then activate the update. We just completed updating both our phones, and they are now working without crashing. During the process of turning off notifications, you may have to restart the phone several times if it crashes to complete switching off the notification, but once they are all off, you can do the update without any other crashes.  On restarting my phone, I discovered the Notification settings were restored to their previous settings.

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