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Want to Sell or Trade – Thor Outlaw U-Shaped Dinette/bed for pull-out bed/jack knife sofa/or recliner couch


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Want to Sell or Trade – Thor Outlaw U-Shaped Dinette/bed for pull-out bed/jack knife sofa/or recliner couch


We have an excellent condition factory U-shaped dinette that converts to a bed from our 2014 Thor Outlaw 37MD (only 13,000 miles, minimal use).

This dinette sticks out too far into the aisle of our coach when we are traveling with the slide in.  (We have 3 big dogs.)  So we’re looking for a recliner couch, or jack knife bed, or pull out bed to replace it to give more aisle space for the dogs to move about when on the road. 

Replacement couch must be 76” or less long (we could squeeze in something 76.5” if the sides were made of cushion material).  Looking for a tan/beige or brown-tone couch replacement.

The U-shaped dinette/bed measures 76.5” by 48” max. and seats maybe 6 people (have not had more than 2 at a time).

It is a very soft light tan/beige material (like a soft artificial leather fabric).  It is easy to clean – wipes off.  

The cushion covers have zippers for removal of the inside foam.

There is a central removable cushion that is inserted when converting to a bed.

It has cup holders in the corners.

The unit appears to be made of three sections that probably could be uncoupled for transport.  

There is storage under all the cushions. 

Also included would be 4 seat belts with their floor fasteners.


Can send many pix if desired -- severe limitation on this website to post pix.

We live in the Louisville, KY, area.  Would be willing to travel maybe 150 miles to deliver/exchange.


SPEAKING OF TRADING…. We’re also open to trading up or down for a 50A surge guard and a 7ft – 7ft 4in awning, as well as a motorhome-sized washer / dryer.

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