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I'm wondering, We're preparing to relocate to Florida and will need TV service. I'm thinking of going with satellite if I can use the same account & or hardware in the MH which has a Winegard Stationary Dss Satellite installed on the roof. From what I hear there is some type of a west coast chip & and east coast chip needed for mobile use in different locations. Never having had satellite I'm in the dark. I really don't want to pay for cable in a house if I'm not there 6 months out of a year. Thoughts & suggestions ?? 

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We are full-timers but we do switch between a motorhome and a fifth-wheel for about half a year each.  We use Dish but the same would be true for DirecTV.  The main thing is to have similar dishes on the house and the RV.  Then move the receivers between the house and the RV.  It doesn't get much more complicated than that.

Dish has the most options of dishes as Dish uses the same white button receiver for all its satellites while DirecTV uses one kind of white button receiver for its HD satellites and a different white button receiver for the SD Satellite.  Unfortunately, all dome dishes use the white button receiver that Dish uses for all its satellites and DirecTV only for it SD satellites.

Open face dishes like the Winegard Trav'ler handle HD and SD for both Dish and DirecTV (different models for each).  That type of dish is what the vendor will install on your house.

There are numerous threads that will cover all the issues you have questions on.  No need to repeat what has been written so far.



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