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Place to stop half way to Austin?


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We are going to leave Hot Springs on Sunday heading down to Austin. We want to split the drive into 2 days. Does anyone know of a good spot to stay about half way? It could be an affordable RV park or even just a safe place off of the highway as it will be a quick overnight.

Also I have heard about some issues with 30/35 but can't remember where the worst trouble areas are. One person did say to go through Fort Worth instead of Dallas on the 35W but that looks to be much farther. I really don't care how we go as long as we avoid tight 2 lane's. 

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I can't help you with the 30/35 route or way around Dallas.  No experience traveling that route or using any overnight campgrounds.  I went to the Heavy Hauler Resource Guide and found two RV parks for big rigs. 

Still Meadow RV Park
Mt Vernon, TX

Shady Pines RV
Texarkana, TX

Then I went to the Big Rigs site and found some more.

Paved sites #37 and 38 are 80 footers while #46 is at 75 feet and #39 is in the 65 foot range. Thirty amp sites #35 and 36 are also paved and at 70 feet while #34 is a gravel 70 footer. FF: #37, 38 & 46. Wi-Fi.
On I-30, exit Business 271—eastbound Exit #162, westbound #162A. Proceed north on Business 271 to the first light and take a right on Greenhill Road. You will see the park on the right just a few hundred yards ahead.
Address  2322 Greenhill Road, 75455
Phone       903-572-5005 - 800-562-5409
Email     mptxkoa@gmail.com

Overnight stop only. Sites #1 & 58 are 75 footers while #59, 60, 61 & 66 are 85 feet. Spaces #58 & 59 are a straight shot in. FF: All sites listed. Wi-Fi.
On I-30, Exit #85 and go north on FM 36 for ¼ mile to the park on your left.
Address     4268 FM 36, 75135
Phone     903-527-3615
Email      dnekoa@1starnet.com


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Define tight 2 lanes, is that 2  lanes on the interstate with concrete barriers for shoulders? Other wise the 2 lane roads I try to drive have wide lanes or great paved shoulders.

I know Mt Pleasant has some good spots but always stop at Tyler for friends.Tyler has some nice spots but length can be a problem Last December I got a pull-thru but had to back out of the space.

I travel Memphis to Austin quite often and most of the time I30 to Texarkana and south to Marshall and Tyler, or  Mt Pleasant and south to Tyler. From Tyler either take Route 31 to Waco then south to AUSTIN on a heavy traveled hiway with construction but I don't know the present status.

Also from Tyler go south on Route 69 to Route 79 towards Austin, going this way positions you better if you are going to south Austin avoiding the I35 Parking Lot..

Clay with 2015 FF M2 106 Sports Chassis2016 41 foot FW

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1 hour ago, Steve from SoCal said:

I never traveled it but, US79 looks like it would be a nice secondary route small towns and open spaces?


We took US79 from Tyler to Austin a couple of years ago.  Pleasant drive, and several inexpensive campgrounds along the way.

You can probably still see our skid marks, between Keechi and Buffalo, where the brake controller locked down.:o

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3 hours ago, GlennWest said:

Gladewater, tx. Antique Capital


RVResort. Plenty of spaces and we are here also. About 12 miles from Tyler. Got my Freightliner here also. Just finished a job in Tyler. Everything full there

That looks to be a nice park.  How about making a submission to the HHRV Campgrounds Directory at http://hhrvcampgrounds.com/campsubmission.php


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8 hours ago, GlennWest said:

Yes, be here till Dec. 1. Headed then to Livingston Escapees


I am heading to Herrin welding in Kilgore to pick up my truck the Friday after Thanksgiving, I will be driving 271 to Paris so will pass close to you, If your up to it and I got the time I will stop in on my way down or on the way back, having Thanksgiving dinner with friends in the Gainesville area and then headed down to get the truck.

Hope to meet up with you then,


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