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RV storage tips

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It has been impossible to keep all insects old but spraying around the base of the RV has been my best defense.

For Mice, fresh De Con does the trick for me. If the mice come they never stay long. In a 40 foot fifth wheel  I use 5 bait traps (2 in the basement) and watch for eating.activity. I had one occurrence on a similar sized FW, Part of the DeCon disappeared to never be found, but the mice left.


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If you have access to power while in storage you might try a rope light under the coach.  Pack rats do not like light.  I have 12 volt LED lights in the front and rear of my MH and have not had a problem.   Saw several rigs at The Ranch (Lakewood) using the rope lights with success.


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6 minutes ago, frankgibbons said:

Fabric Softener Sheets – Spread dryer sheets all over the RV when it's in storage to keep mice away. Then when you take it out put the sheets in a plastic bag and use them for laundry. Irish Spring Soap – Same idea as the dry sheets. Supposedly mice hate the smell.

I used to believe the old wives tale about dryer sheets until i found a nice mouse nest made out of the dryer sheets i spread around my MH!  Can't speak to the soap trick but your RV will smell nice.

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