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1956 Diamond T Motorcoach, with a surprise.


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  Truck Location (City/State): Candia, NH

Price: 110K


Want to sell your house and go on the road for a while? Tired of your dually lugging up the hills towing a trailer?

What you're looking for: A 1956 Diamond T cab and front clip on a 2015 Peterbuilt 387 300" wheel base chassis with low air leaf, super singles, an automatic Allison 6 speed transmission and a new Catepillar 3406B. What makes it a motor coach? The 13.5' "sleeper" on the back of the cab, all suspended on an air ride sub frame with four bags, 2 shocks and auto levelling.

Note that this could also be put into commercial service, should you so choose.

This has been a no expense spared build, with Catepillar refurbishing the engine (25K in receipts) and Allson "retrans" program on the Allison HD4060P (10K in receipts).

The "sleeper" is built of 1/8" aluminum with 1/8" outer skin and roof with Z flanges and spars in the classic construction method started with Boeing Bombers of WW2. We took apart a Spartan trailer to get some of those 1950's design ques. We used 1/4 Huck Bolts to cold assemble everything but the passenger/curb side entry door. That door is custom built too. It was all computer modeled and stress tested to insure it's stronger than most vehicles around it.

If you wanted to haul a 5th wheel, there is 10.5' of bare frame rail for whatever deck you want to put back behind the air ride cab. The truck has 44K rears with 3.31 gears. The frame and suspension will handle anything you can throw at a commercial over the road tractor.

It is titled (appropriately) as a 1956 Diamond T M923 MotorCoach, so it's both an Antique and a Motor home. We've built a bunch of these. This was the prototype and my personally owned vehicle.


• Air to Air charge air cooled 500hp remanufactured Catepillar 3ZJ late model 3406B - All manual, no computers, no DEF, no EGR.
• Re-trans Allison 4060HD with TCM, TPS, VSS and touch pad shifter
• Eaton 44K rears with 3.31 gears and all new air brakes
• Peterbuilt low air leaf rear suspension with new bags and shocks
• Eaton 14K front axle with air disk brakes
• New front springs and shocks. - Front leaves are extended 4" over factory for softer and lower ride
• P.G. Adams built frame rails with all Peterbuilt crossmembers - no splices, no double frame. Just pure American made steel bent and drilled in Burlington VT on press brakes that built Battleships.
• 1956 Diamond T cab and front clip, extended 2" to clear the motor, trans cooler and radiators.
• All new rubber in the front - Michilin 12R24's and virgin Michilin 445-50-22.5 super singles in the rear
• Custom 13.5' all aluminum sleeper -Can be fit out the way you want.

10.5' to the top, 31.5' front to rear - she's long, low, fast and mean.

This truck was built to haul a heavy trailer and be completely serviceable anywhere with the world's most common and reliable parts while having style that goes back to the classic 1950's.

To be clear, it's ready for paint, wiring, plumbing and customization. It will be body complete and run and drive for asking price. We can do any level of customization required to make it yours. The inside drawings are done by IdaCamper, a customizer that can build the sleeper portion out anyway you want to.

Might be interested in the right trades. 

I have a bunch of pics, but can't upload more than one.


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