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Water Pump runs but doesn't pump

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  • My water pump runs but I can't get it to pump water. Tank is full I've tried everything I know but nothing will go through it. I took it apart but didn't see anything wrong. It's a Shurflo Model 4008-101-A65. I need it or I don't have any water for a few days. Help Please!
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I had an issue like this in my last 5er.  It turned out to be a pin hole in the diaphragm in the pump.  It was not visible upon casual inspection of the internals of the pump, but it caused the pump to not be able to build any suction.  After replacing the pump to get water flowing again (because we had no water available other than our tank where we were at), I had more time to really examine the old pump.  This was when I found the pin hole.

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