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Why no love for the International?


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In another life, I drove one of the transporters for Hogan Racing in the old CART Series.  Carl Hogan owned the team along with Hogan Trucking in St. Louis.  Carl only bought Internationals for his trucking company and for the race car team.

One of the trucks was a custom fully loaded cab over with a flat floor, stand up  sleeper,  and full fenders that covered the fuel tanks all the way  back and over the rear driver.  The other one was new conventional Eagle.  Both had Cummins power and 10 speeds, if I remember correctly.

Each was quiet and had no sqeaks or rattles.  They were much more quiet that the Freightliners that I had driven and seemed to be good quality products.

I see very few references to International in this section and have noticed that the used ones I find on the internet are priced quite a bit lower than comparable trucks from other manufacturers.

Is this a perception issue or are there real problems with the brand?

From the pricing I've seen they appear to be a lower priced alternative to the other brands.

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Do a search for MaxxForce engine issues and it might help explain the problem. They shifted to a SCR approach from a pure EGR approach on their 13 liter engines and they dropped their 15 liter altogether and just offer the Cummins ISX in that engine size. They were involved in quite a few class action lawsuits and some dealers wouldn't take in certain year models for trade on a new truck. That left a bad taste with a LOT of people and word got out about the problems.

I would still like to see a Lonestar with a Cummins/Eaton combo made into a RV hauler and think that it would be a neat looking truck in that role.

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All of what Georgia Hybrid said is true. In addition VW has purchased a portion of Navistar and what the future beholds is uncertain, Navistar hasn't made any money in years. Not the first time they have been in this predicament. Trucking companies are not going to place large orders unless they get them at a real bargain, so they are not bringing anything on the used market because of their engine problems and the deep discounting going on. 

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 We stared with a 2000 international 9400 eagle that had a Detroit in it. It was a very clean well operating vehicle. And there was basically no rust on the frame.


 But one of Pilots tanker trucks destroyed it. It saved our lives as we ended up with the truck laying on its side.

 Back 2012 twelve we were thinking of a Lonestar but decided against it. So we will keep our 610 Volvo. Just keep polishing and painting as to keep it respectable.


  Now if anyone wants to stop by next week they can help me change the fuel lines going to the head on the N14.

 Heck they can get closeup look at the Auquahot heating system I just installed in our fifth wheel.


 I really do like the preemission trucks. Sorta old school electronic that local repair shops understand. 


 We would still have international, but it was not to be.


 Be safe on the road ,.   Vern

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Thanks for the thread.  I like the looks of the Prostar and see that their price point is fairly low compared to other manufacturers trucks that are similar in year and mileage.  It was interesting to read about the stories from folks about the Maxforce engine.  I will still look at the Prostars but something with an engine other than the Maxforce. I recently saw pictures of a Lonestar with a HERO sleeper or something like that.  It looked really nice in the pictures.  I think the Lonestar is a great looking truck.  I guess the old saying is true for anything, "You get what pay for".

Also been eyeballing the Volvo 630 and looking at information on installing windows in the sleeper.  We went and looked at a few 630's the other day - Great looking truck.  Too bad for me there aren't more Volvo 730's around.

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7 minutes ago, Av8r3400 said:

If you are looking for a 730, contact John Stearns at RDO Truck in Fargo.  They cycle through a lot of theses.  It's where mine came from, along with several others on the forum.  



There is one sitting in RDO Bismarck as well.  

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Tooo-many-moons-ago ..... Grumps had a herd of ......Autocars.......

Seems like Cornbinder are a mass-mob in the RV compared to the .....Autocar geeks.....

Grumps also had a fetish for ..... Oshkosh THINGS.......not pretty....

Many folks consider Autocar Rolls-of-Trucks......As a kid I hated the the darn things had twice the grease zirks of "normal-trucks"......

Overall Cornbinder ain't bad..... I once had a emerald green KB-9 with a 389 tri-power Pontiac with a hydro that would smoke anything across a intersection....and had a option that no new Volvo could ever hope to have.....full-cab-air-conditioning....with the Standard crank-0ut-windshield.....


Drive on......(Cornbinder much better than ......Oshkosh)

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