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Brake Controller Question


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I have a Prodigy Electronic Trailer Brake Control. It is at least 12 years old, may be over 15. Any how I no longer have brakes at the trailer. Everything else is good, lights etc. But I do not have any power at the blue wire from the controller with the lever pushed all the way to the left. There is 12.9 volts at the black power wire to the controller. I am thinking that the controller is bad and needs replacing. Am I right?



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Just a word of caution before you install a new controller.  When something like the controller fails there is often a reason.  The most common is a short in the wire between the controller and the brakes.  Be sure to check this wire for a short to ground with the trailer connected using an Ohm meter before putting in a new controller.  Also be aware that the wire can check as having no shorts sitting still but once the truck and trailer are rolling vibration can move the wire and cause a short if insulation is worn or broken.  Inspect both the truck and trailer wire carefully.  You would not want to fry a new controller.

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