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Leaking air into a rv during the cold weather


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 This is some info that I have seen on some RV's.


  If you have a Atwood water heater in your RV it maybe leaking air around the unit. When they manufacture the outside mounting metal they punch long thin holes in a line so that the mounting flange will fold over. They do this so the unit will fit in a smaller box for shipping.

 If you look at the water from the inside of the RV, with the outside lid down you may see the openings I am talking about. You can see the slots on the outside, but they do not really see like a problem.

 A 1 inch long slot, 1/16" wide, will add up to a 1inch hole if there are 16 slots.


 Now if you have room slides then there is a possibility of air infiltration around the support arms. May be interesting to make them less drafty. This subject could use some discussion for ways the help.


if you have exterior doors for storage and access do they leak air. Now that is something else that can leave unwanted air in.


 If you have a fifth wheel then there is the possibly of air infiltration the hitch assembly exits the body area also.


  Is there any possible openings on the underbelly that can leak air in.


 This may affect the heating and cool costs and comfort of the people inside.


  Just thinking as it was snowing at our summer location.


 Safe Travels,    Vern


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