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ATT Service at Livingston


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Here's my brief AT&T experience in Livingston for what it's worth.  Last May while staying at Escapees, I switched from Verizon to AT&T due to the speed reduction on Verizon's JetPack.  The manager of the AT&T store across from Walmart did state that the Escapees area was not the best area in Livingston for AT&T service.  I can confirm he was correct concerning the AT&T MIFI.  Could make telephone calls okay but the internet via AT&T's WIFI device was very, very slow and difficult to maintain a connection.  I dropped them in less than a month for another primary reason with the connection being secondary.  Went back to Verizon's Unlimited Plan.  I solved my speed reduction by purchasing new iPads with WIFI and Celluar connections.  The Cellular connection is not automatically reduced after reaching a predefined limit.  In Las Vegas now, and still happy with our decision.

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