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I 5 Eugene to San Diego...road surface


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Most of I-5 is pretty good, but of course there are always a few rough spots.  We have over the past few years been on the entire run  that you are asking about, just never the complete distance at one time. It is much better than Hwy 99 in California in a lot of areas, and I personally would not recommend Hwy 101, just because of the congestion in the more populated areas.

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I agree that I-5 overall has a much better surface than Hwy 99.  99 has a few newer sections, but the older ones can loosen your teeth as you drive!  I-5 also has longer stretches without exits, which has positives and negatives--not as many gas stations and fast food places, but not as much traffic getting on or off the freeway.  Also, 99 has tight exits, which I really dislike. 

And 101 is indeed horrible because of heavy commuter traffic.

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Watch out for cars bunching up in high speed packs on I-5 between SF and Bakersfield.  Car drivers tend to be in a hurry and they'll weave and swerve to try and get to the pristine open road ahead of whoever happens to be leading the pileup.

What they miss is there is also open road immediately behind the pack.

Instead of remaining in the dense pack traffic, I slow down by 5 mph to let the pack get around me, or even take an offramp, wait for 10-20 seconds at the top, then get back onto the wide open freeway after the pack has passed.

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