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Domicle Address Question


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You'll need more than the letter for getting your driver's licenses, vehicle tags and voter registration.  When we established domicile, I used the Technomadia blog as a template for the things to bring along to the tax collector's office.


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14 hours ago, sandsys said:

I would not hesitate to follow any of their advice keeping in mind the date of the advice since things do change.

The Technomadia article that Linda references was written in 2012-2013 and has had several updates.  However, it's not clear from reading it that Florida, at that time, had instituted the Federally-compliant license rules required under the "RealID Act".  The article speaks of bringing a government-issued photo ID, but I didn't see a specific reference to bringing a passport and/or birth certificate.  

I feel pretty confident saying that it is likely that FL requires these as proof of citizenship these days.  If a woman is using a valid passport and her name on the document is the same as she wishes to have on her license then the passport is all that she needs as proof of identity and citizenship.  If she chooses to use a birth certificate instead, then she would need evidence of name change through marriage and divorce in order to establish her name as she wishes it on her license.  Of course, if you bring a birth certificate as proof of citizenship, you would still have to bring a license or other government photo ID as proof of identity.

The good news is that once you are certified as meeting the RealID requirements you don't ever have to do it again.  We renewed our SD licenses last year and all we had to show were a couple of pieces of mail addressed to us there.

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We had several "official " letters addressed to our Bushnell mailing address when we went to get our DL, registration and change our domicile to Florida. Bank statements, insurance cards, Florida Blue correspondence should do the trick. The folks at the courthouse in Bushnell were easygoing and we didn't have a problem. It was a very enjoyable morning after all the stress of getting our ducks in a row. We used this excellent post by Lynne at Winnieviews as our bible. https://winnieviews.blogspot.com/2015/12/how-to-move-to-florida-in-1-hour.html

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