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Disconnecting/removing HOUSE BATTERIES while MH in storage


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I've experienced what I believe is "prematurely worn-out" HOUSE BATTERIES (2 6-volt) in my 2014 Bounder, which I'm wondering may be attributed to my NOT ever having disconnected or removed the house batteries while the MH was in storage.  In a typical year I've been storing my MH in Georgia during Nov & Dec WITHOUT doing anything with the house batteries, just ensuring the water level is correct (I check & fill them monthly).  BTW - I have no way to put a "trickle charger" on the batteries while the MH is in storage & I'll be about 800 miles away, so stopping by to exercise the generator isn't an option. Now it appears that they'll soon need replacement batteries & I want to avoid replacing those after such a short period.

I'm wondering if I shouldn't be pulling out my house batteries & bringing them home to "sleep" in my cool, dry basement then recharging them before I reinstall them in January? 

How long - with using my MH about 1/2 time - should I expect my house batteries to last?

THANKS in advance for your kind consideration!!!

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John, why do you think they are worn out?  Also do you have a battery disconnect switch and do you use it.  If you turn the battery off it is the same a removing it. Another thing to check is how much draw is on the batteries when you are not using it.  Things like the CO2 detector, some thermostats and other 12v items draw even with the battery switch off.

We too travel 1/2 time and on our last rig the batteries were 4 years old and going strong.  Dick


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You could just make sure that the batteries are fully charged and then remove the negative battery cable to ensure that they are isolated and that should be enough. If your RV experiences extreme temperatures, it might gain something by removing them but in most cases, very little. 

The life expectancy for a deep cycle battery depends on many things, how it is used and also how much you discharge it when in use are to main issues. A flooded cell battery lasts longer if not discharged below the 50% level. 

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Dick: Please see my previous post titled "on & off House battery problem". I've been fighting this issue for at least 6 months now & it just gets me weary to worry if I'm going to have battery power in my coach after even a few days between trips! I'm gonna pull the batteries & get them tested at the local auto parts store &, depending what they show me, anticipate I'll be installing NEW house batteries in the very near future.

Kirk: Between April & October I store the MH here in Lancaster County, PA, where the summertime temps range from the 50s to the 90s, and when I'm storing it in GA in Nov/Dec the temps seem to range about the same, so I can't figure that temperature is a factor in my batteries seeming shortened lives.

THANKS AGAIN! (I've been camping just about 4 years & I've learned a TREMENDOUS amount on this forum!)

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