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Consumer Alert for Military Families on the Equifax Data Breach


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This is what to do and how to do it tailored for veterans and active duty military families.


"While this data breach raises major concerns for every impacted consumer, we are particularly concerned about Equifax’s impact on active-duty servicemembers and their families. Since active-duty servicemembers frequently move due to Permanent Change of Station orders, this can make it even harder to quickly learn if they’ve had their identities stolen.

According to public data on consumer complaints, military consumers report identity theft at roughly double the rate of the general public. Stealing sensitive information about members of the military, particularly those deployed from their normal duty station, doesn’t just raise national security concerns. It can also create financial nightmares for servicemembers and their families.

If thieves can open accounts without the servicemember’s knowledge, this can lead to a credit report overflowing with unpaid debts – a sure way to get a security clearance revoked and short circuit a military career if left unresolved.

In addition to tips we have published for all consumers regarding the data breach, we are urging all military families to consider initiating an Active Duty Alert or a Security Freeze with the major credit bureaus."

The whole article with more is here:


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