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Black Tank Flusher (BTF)


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It seems as though my BTF has stopped flushing.

Several years ago I replaced the check valve inside the wall, you know the one that's $55. This time I replaced it with just an elbow and it still does not work.

I'm thinking that the sprayer that mounts to the tank is either clogged or kaput. Does anyone know if I have to positively have to have the $55 part, I'm thinking that its a backflow preventer for when you would leave a hose hooked up to it all the time.

Has anyone ever heard of  a problem with the sprayer head ???

Do I have to have the $55 part ???

Thanks in advance,



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The $55 pcs should be a vacuum breaker (not a check valve) that prevents liquid in the tank from siphoning (tank it full) out of the tank after the water is disconnected......a good thing to have. 

The vacuum breaker does not prevent liquid from filling the nozzle or the line to the nozzle. I've seen plugged nozzles.

Short of taking the nozzle out running hot water through it may work. 


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I have found that adding a good dose of dishwasher detergent (Cascade or generic) or TSP, and hot water,  letting it slosh around during a couple days of travel seems to unclog the head and get it back in working order.  I have done this on two occasions, both after prolonged boondocking stays where I haven't flushed the tank for long periods.

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Had a friend that his BTF also quit. We disconnected the tank side of the vacuum breaker, which was not fun due to space situations, and very slowly turned the water on. It was coming thru the breaker. So after putting that back together, we removed the flusher head from the tank. It was clogged from tank "stuff". The holes in the head were very small. We soaked the head in some Clorox for awhile and then redrilled the holes out with a 1/16" bit. Put everything back together and good to go. After questioning him, he did come clean and said he didn't use the flusher as much as he should have been.

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6-7 years ago when we got our new to us used Country Coach, the novels seemed to be clogged on the black tank. I did the mentioned trick of removing them from the tank, I stacked them in a bit of CLR for an hour and rinsed them off well. When dry, I too oversized drilled the holes. They are still working fine at this time. Hard water build up can be a problem. I've never done this, but running CLR or White Vinegar, or other cleaners thru the system can help. I also make point to flush with my On The Go water softened water every two-three months. Know proof that it is doing anything, but like to think it too is helping break down any hard water build up.

Best of luck to you,


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On 9/7/2017 at 8:37 AM, travelinbob said:

Have no idea what brand they use.

If you have access to the location on the tank where it is mounted, look to see if you can remove it as many are mounted with screws and sealant. If you can remove it you can probably clean it or replace if necessary. Flush nozzles are fairly easy to replace. 

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Mine was clogged at the nozzle at the tank.  Full of dried toilet tissue.  No amount of compressed air, vacuum, or chemicals would clear it.  I also spent a lot of time looking for problems with the anti-siphon valve, but it was okay.

The fix was to take the nozzle off the tank and drill out the VERY small holes.  When I say nozzle, it was just a PVC end cap that was drilled by manufacturer.  (Winnebago)

The larger holes have not re-clogged since re-drilling them out.

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