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Avoiding Cell Phone Spam Verizon Android

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For Verizon smart phone users with Android Nougat, there is a native solution. Recents > touch the offending call > touch Details > touch the 3 dot icon (top right) > touch Block Number.
I currently am blocking 60 numbers so no limit as yet.

Previously I used Call Control-Call Blocker from the Google Play Store. No limit there either & works on earlier Android versions.

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Thanks for the tip. That may work for some and others done call me as I string them along. I often try to talk to real person, ask questions, ask for alternates because of age and such. The last was a lady wanting me to vacation in Las Vegas, I hadn't been there in years so we talked about package deals and getting to from airport or parking for my vehicle. Finally I told her the Casino I would be parking at tomorrow night and end of call.

I still working on the auto warranty and credit card calls


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I have mixed feelings about stringing along the spam caller, as long as it seems to be an actual offer of something.  When you have an actual person on the phone, they are working for a living and are not the ones getting lots of money.  Now if they have a horrible accent, then I just figure they are from overseas and don't have the same sympathy for them. 

I almost always just hit most any button on my phone and the ringing stops and the call goes away.  If it is an important call then they would leave a voice mail.

I do check my recent call log and if I have had multiple calls from the same number then I block the number.  Most of the calls either come from the same exchange (well used to be an exchange, now it is just the first 3 numbers of the phone number after the area code) as my phone or from out of state. Usually not the same phone number.

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My own phone number starts with 828-817-XXXX.  I keep getting spam calls from that same prefix.  If I block it, as you describe, it comes back later with a new number.  For example, I may block 828-817-1111 but then the calls come from 828-817-1200 and so on.  At this time I have almost 100 calls blocked and they still keep coming in.  

I can't block the whole prefix because then my wife and I can't call each other anymore.  So just keep rejecting calls as they come in.

== John

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Just don't answer.  Choose ring tones for your friends and family, then put unknown incoming as a single ping or something very non descript.   If close, I just decline, or hit answer, then hang up.   Also we can silence my iPhone for periods of time (9 pm to 9 am) to everyone not on our 'favor' list.   That cuts down on a lot of morning calls because they think we are in TX. ;)

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