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13 hours ago, bruce t said:

Why are they called 'Smart' cars? To my mind they aren't the 'smartest' vehicle to drive on an interstate. An 18 wheeler would make quick work of one.


Wow, that really contributed to the conversation. What does your mind think of all the motorcycles on the road that a smart car "would make quick work of"? As Glenn pointed out most vehicles in the road are in trouble when going head to head with a truck-tractor. If course, Glenn and I have the best of both worlds. We both drive a smart AND a converted truck-tractor :)

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The smaller vehicle's/motorcycle's ability to maneouver to avoid, brake extremely quickly, etc is always ignored in the "head on with a truck" scenarios.  In lotsa crash situations I would take being buckled into a tiny Indy car or Smart car vs a collapsing roof won ton deezil. 

Back to the thread:  A nice little Smart sized tilt deck trailer would be my choice - it could be human powered with a little bit of engineering... 

Tow dollies seem like they would be a pain to back up?

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For the doubters:

Our 2011 after a 3/4 frontal hit from a full size pickup that blew a red light at app 60 MPH.

Passenger and I walked away with minor injuries caused by the seat belts and shoulder harnesses. Driver's door still opened and closed as normal! If you look closely you can see a tiny kink at the base of the A pillar - only frame damage!

We replaced it with a 2013 with CityFlame package.


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On ‎7‎/‎8‎/‎2017 at 7:11 PM, Dennis M said:

Here's a link to that pic in case the impeded one gets blocked.


http://s173.photobucket.com/user/dmnb/media/2011 smart Crash/IMG_1191.jpg.html

Dennis, If you are running an ad blocker, they have now blocked access to their site unless you disable it when following a link. I will be moving my files from photobucket as soon as I can setup my own hosting server. Sucks that they decided to do this worldwide without any notice to the people that linked photos to web sites using THEIR preferred method.

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