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Ordering a new Volvo and could use some opinions


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The custom manufacturers

On 6/10/2017 at 11:59 AM, 13speed said:

So Jack which is it? You said a few posts ago that the NH's and SC's can build a great solar set up but then I just read a post in another thread where you said this.


The custom manufacturers typically do a good job on pretty complex systems. As I said, if it is something unusual AND they choose to do it, they usually get me involved. But not always. It just depends. For example, NH has installed some LFP battery systems and I referred them to Starlight to do that specific battery bank. And gave them advice about where to put it, and why to put it there. They then implemented it themselves. It is not rocket science and they have competent electrical people.   So they put in their pre configured packages just fine, including things as complex as what Chad did, or what I have (basically equivalent). That is because I've worked with them to get it right. The right size wiring, the right components, etc. 

If you want something totally unusual for an RV they are smart enough not to do it, after a couple of disastrous experiences. Not that they did anything bad with those, just that it cost a lot of time and money to get it right. But I don't know ANYONE in these forums that are asking for things like that. 

In your case if you want LFP or similar chemistry batteries and they don't want to do that, just put in a small bank and replace it with the LFP yourself. The rest is the same (or can be if you configure it correctly). The only thing even close to exotic you have mentioned is LIthium batteries. Perhaps you have other more complex ideas that I don't know about. It will ALWAYS be cheaper to do it yourself. A LOT cheaper.

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This looks like some good money being spent here and I would have to look down the road on this buy, I would spend the money on a VNL 730 or 780 with the work station and the D-13 and Autoshift and then I would leave the dual axles on it due to the weight of the trailer and you will not get a double look from DOT wondering are you over weight or not but the current specs don't let the DOT have a reason to pull you over and put you on scales, the overweight fine maybe a bit hefty so think this over, oh yeah will you be registering the truck as a motorhome or will you be required to obtain a CDL according to your state. again do the math and enjoy your decision.

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