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Google outs Windows flaw


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Google outs Windows flaw after Microsoft misses a patch deadline and delays until next month. This lets the bad guys figure it out and attack. MS did drag their heels on this one so Google isn't being the heavy nor MS the victim. We are from both!




"Microsoft has been stung anew by Google’s Project Zero wasps after the latter’s researchers made public a Windows 10 vulnerability which has yet to be patched.


The flaw in the Windows GDI’s gdi32.dll was supposed to have been patched with last June’s MS-16-074 bulletin, but according to Project Zero researcher Mateusz Jurczyk, that fix was only partial.


Jurczyk resubmitted his vulnerability report on November 16, which gave Microsoft 90 days to issue a fix under Google’s Project Zero protocol for non-critical flaws. With no patch forthcoming by the cut-off, he felt justified in making the issue public.

Normally, this would be merely annoying for Microsoft if the date of the deadline, February 14, had not also been the day it unexpectedly pulled its regular monthly update (formerly Patch Tuesday) due to an unspecified “last-minute issue”.


The rest of the article with a lot more is here:


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:blink: Life goes on in the MICROSOFT WORLD! :o:o It won't be much longer and I'll retire Microsoft. I use Opera for my browser with Duck Duck Go as the search for most of my activities. I heard in the grapevine that Google is coming out with an Operating system? Or is that the new ChromeBook?

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I'll be using Windows as long as I can use the programs I paid for. I swap computers so often that I exceed the number of reactivations in Office 2010 that they have me call in to the answer desk and they activate it in person because the automated one is no longer offering phone activation support for Office Home and Biz 2010. No charge. I agree that for some the hassles seem to be overwhelming but whatever OS you go to will have its own issues.


Munich Germany changed all their city municipal computers over to Linux from Windows several years back. It was considered a big win and proof against Windows:



I detest the Google EULA invasions of privacy and am going through it now temporarily until we decide to switch to AT&T for the Lumia 950s and replace our temporary Android phones (Moto Z Droid Play) with a Lumia or Surface newer windows 10 mobile phones.


I will post my temporary work around in another post about the Windows launcher for Android.


I have had it with Android and don't like Apple at all for Phones or computers due to their computers being left behind and their phones winding down from little innovation since their Steve left, while Microsoft is finally getting much needed innovation since our Steve left.


I have used all of the OS's except OSX as my McIntosh experience was with the first iteration of the Apple OS in 1986.


I fix computers quickly too but have given up on helping others.


I am about to build a Linux system on a perfect, like new, but 2003 era desktop system running XP. I will be trying Linux again and then donate the computer to my grandkids or great grand kid's mother my GD. Linux is a good way for kids to learn coding and a different approach.


I doubt Linux could run my 27" quad HD dual HDMI out AND ins as well as the Thunderbolt port or the programs I use like Malwarebytes premium with a lifetime license for Windows only.


I get a little crankier with every year I live. some others seem the same but older. <wink>

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