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While doing the spring checks to get ready for travel, I checked the transmission fluid level. It is just a bit low but I decided to change it as I don't know when and if it was ever done before. I chased down the fluid to be Eaton PS-386, a 50w synthetic. Problem is I can't find any. Volvo dealer only carries the PS-295 for the I-shift.

This is what Eaton says:

Eaton PS-386 synthetic transmission fluid is approved for these OEM specifications:
Emgard MTF 7000
Mack TO-A Plus
Navistar MPAPS B-6816 Type II


Then I went to Google and it listed Mobile Delvac Synthetic Fluid 50 and Lucas Oil 10146.


This stuff is $50-60 a gallon and I need 3.5 gals. The question is: Is anyone else using something that is available on the local market. P.S.: I have 25 gallons of Dexron III!



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Thanks for the reply, Charlie. I tried every auto parts store around. Only one (Advance Auto) could get any but said they could only get 2 gallons. I was just being impatient as the truck is up on blocks so I can crawl under it. It is ready to move and I am ready to go but I won't bring it off the blocks until the fluid is changed. I will likely have to go with Amazon Prime and wait two more days.


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Here are the part #'s if you want different sizes:




I found the 5 gallon pail for about $125 last year on eBay. So there are deals to be had on it if you keep an eye out.



Here is a link to Eaton's full approved lubricant list. Maybe you can do some searches to come up with something that you prefer. Or call around to see who might carry what you need.



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