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Buying RV out of home state


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Your experiences and suggestions are sought on how to best proceed if buying an motorhome out of state.

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I'm hoping to benefit from your experiences on:

1. How to locate a qualified RV inspector,

2. How to find the right RV insurance for initial part-time use and future full-timing, (My current home and auto insurer does not insure RV's.)

3. How to get a temporary tag so coach can be driven back to MD. I assume a dealer would know the ropes, but what about if I buy from a private seller?

4. How to learn to safely drive a big tag axle diesel pusher.


Note: I will be attending Boot Camp in Tucson next month, and hope the picture will become clearer then. However, if I can be prepared in advance, Id like to shop for that perfect coach while in Tucson.


Thanks to everyone for all you do to support your fellow and future RVers. I'm hoping to meet some of you in Tucson and on the road.




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We purchased out of state from a dealer. Brought the sales contract to our credit union got a certified check made out to the dealer and fedxed to them. We arranged for insurance while the papers were in the mail as all the info needed was in the sales contract. They in turn sent the title to us. We then went to the DMV to pay sales tax, there is a revenue collector at the DMV, and then were allowed to title and tag the trailer. The title with lien was sent to lien holder. We had the registration and plate drove to the other state and hooked up. Been on the road ever since.


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I have bought an RV in a neighboring state twice, both times from a dealer and with his assistance.


1) Inspectors are getting less difficult to find so I'd start with a Google search. If unable to locate one in the right area, then I would look for a mobile RV tech to check the coach and then a diesel shop to go over the chassis.


2)Here are some links to insurance agencies that specialize in working with RV owners & fulltimers.

Miller Insurance, AIS insurance Explorer insurance, Foremost Insurance


3) The dealers will have a temporary tag for that, usually valid for 30 days and issued by the state where the dealership is located.


4) There are several organizations that have classes for RV owners. Escapees commercial member The RV Driving School is one of them and I have heard very good reports from customers.

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It depends on your state but in Wyoming a bill of sale posted in the window is enough to cover you from private sale location to home, at least if you start or end in Wyoming but are crossing state lines. The best person to talk to would be the County Clerk and Recorder and/or Treasurer (whoever handles titling and plates) in each state.

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Most states have some type of temporary tag that you can purchase , drive home and then register, title and plate the motorhome in your home state. If doing this yourself, the temp tag does not usually have sales tax charged as you pay your home state when you register it there.

Pat DeJong

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We bought our coach out of state down in Georgia. Went through NRVIA to find an inspector and we were very satisfied with the job he did. We purchased from a private seller. I originally intended to complete the transaction at a dealer to get temporary tags. Ga. dealers could only issue tags for vehicles that they sold and Ga. DMV said they would not issue temp tags since we were going to register it in another state. AAA advised that a bill of sale should be sufficient to get it home to register. To be on the safe side, I got the bill of sale notorized so there was no question. I took the tags off my Tahoe and put them on the coach for the trip home, (less obvious than running with no tags) and made sure I also had the registration from my Tahoe that matched the plates. Didn't need any of it but I felt better having it.

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I took the tags off my Tahoe and put them on the coach for the trip home, (less obvious than running with no tags) and made sure I also had the registration from my Tahoe that matched the plates.


I would not recommend this part. It is illegal.


However, as others have said, buying out of state can be easily accomplished. I have bought from dealers and private parties out of state. The dealers are able to issue temporary tags/reports of sale that are valid until the vehicle is properly registered in your home state. If you are buying from a private party, the vehicle should be registered in that party's name. That registration with a bill of sale is good enough to get you back to your home state where you can complete the registration.

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