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Residence with RV port, attic and storage area in beautiful east Texas.

Located approximately 25 miles west of Tyler, TX and 85 miles east of Dallas, TX.


$165,000 (open to offers)


Built in 2014 (completed July 2014)


Living area has 900 square feet with the following amenities:


1 bedroom

1 bath

Large walk-in shower

Walk in closet with 2 built in chest of drawers

Dual fuel stove/oven (cook top is propane; oven is electric)

Washer/dryer hook-ups with overhead storage

Large walk-in pantry

Wood floor in living and dining area

Tile floor in kitchen, bathroom and hall/laundry

Carpet in bedroom and closet

Granite counter top in kitchen with stainless steel sink

9 foot ceilings with fans in bedroom and living room

Tankless water heater

Separate 10’ x 12’ storage room (currently used as a sewing room)


Attic covers the living area, storage room and walkway between the two, providing approximately 1,000 square feet of area. Some of the area is taken up with A/C ducting and the slope of the roof. Much of it is usable and open.


A/C and heat are piped into the storage area and the attic.


WeBoost cell / data signal booster installed for better cell and data reception inside the metal building.


Covered RV parking with full hook-ups including 30 and 50 amp. (The picture shows a 30’ 5th wheel parked in the RV area.)


Additional pictures can be viewed at:



For information on Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community, check out their website: www.blcrc.org


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At first I wondered what does the community BSLR stand for? Then I saw it on the bottom. I think you should lead with the full name as a religious community is a complete turn off to some, and a plus to others.


I'd add pictures of all sides and back walls of the structure.


I'd want to know the width and height of the RV parking space, and how thick the concrete slab is under the parking spot and if different under the living area, and what was used for secondary concrete reinforcement - wire, rebar, fiber, and what psi concrete was used.. How long is the fiver shown in the pictures? Also since you mention Propane and electric oven the very important issue of utilities comes up.


Today we need to know if it has cable broadband, or other broadband (DSL, WISP) and if other, what type and speeds?

What utilities are to the property?

Natural gas?

City or well water?

City sewage or owner operated wastewater treatment plant? If so what type?

Copper phone service for a landline?

Garbage pickup?


I went and saw all the other pics and it is fantastic! Not too big and not too small for a retired RVing couple. Beautifully done!


I did see the cell boosters mentioned for cell and cell data, is cable or DSL or a dedicated WISP available?

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Yes I figured that out when I saw the description and location. So? I don't see what difference that makes for anyone, as, like a religious community, that could be a plus for some and a minus for others. I wasn't considering it at all. I was just suggesting what I would like to know from an ad about the concrete for heavy RVs, and the max height. If you have not gone to their link go look. Their ductwork and decking in the attic are surprisingly well done, better than most I see, and in line with the rest of the workmanship in it.


We will be moving North (Colorado) out of this crazy hot weather, or out of the country, next year sometime after we finish disposing of the properties from our recently deceased parents. We will fly to the places we are considering and when we decide, buy there and liquidate our own excess furniture and property in preparation to sell our acreage and new house. Fortunately my wife holds estate sales. ;)

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B.C. Canada, Colombia SA in Bogota in the Andes with cool weather year round, or Costa Rica, last choice Colorado.



No worse than jumping in a thread about helping someone with a Windows problem, only to troll it with anti Windows comments and then how they were switching to Apple. How's that working out?


I was surprised you didn't help your neighbor out. The rest of us did.


Have great week because today is:


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I know a couple of other folks that are at this place or at least were the last we spoke and are happy with it. I considered it in the past but a medical issue cropped up that stopped me. Kirk is a good source of info for this place and has been helpful to his neighbors in the past trying to sell their spots. Now I am wishing I could find one real near Texarkana on the Texas side. Hmmm, maybe near Shreveport. :) Just kidding and sorry for the slight hijack on the last part. :P

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No problem Jim. As you saw I endorsed and only asked him to add what I was missing. I agree, if one wants to be in Texas, that RV oriented Christian community is awesome from what KIrk has said.in the past and the pics of others there.


I would be buying it in a heartbeat if I was not looking to get out of this horrible-to-me-climate. It looks great! Priced very nice for what you get.


Others say they love the heat, and I am making room for them soon but I rarely see them outside for long in mid August high temps.


As for Kirk, I would have no problem moving in next door to anyone. I wave Hi to my neighbors and have not spoken to them in a year. My next door neighbors are both Ministers, AND retired military. He is no bogey man to me or anyone I speak with.


And for neighbors that are a PITA anywhere, remember the old adage from Benjamin Franklin , “Love thy neighbor, yet don’t pull down your hedge.”


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I'll try to answer some of the questions...

The place was built by a contractor.

There is a window in the bedroom.

AT & T will not provide any new DSL lines.  Most people use a hot spot or dish for internet.

No cable.  Again most people us dish for tv or an antennae which brings in some channels from the Dallas area as well as Tyler and possibly Longview.

The concrete slab is six inches (6") with rebar.  The concrete under the apartment is about 2" higher to prevent water coming in due to rain, etc.

There is both city water and well water.  Well water is used only for watering lawns and washing vehicles.

The sewer is a septic system.

A community trash bin is located at the entrance of the property.

Cost of city water and trash are included in the annual dues.

There is no natural gas.  The 100 gallon propane tank is owned, not leased.

The fifth wheel in the picture is approximately 32' in length. 

I do not have the measurements of the area for the RV.

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2 hours ago, Santa Hawes said:

Jonathan Hawes

Welcome to the Escapee forums. Unless it has changed quite recently, that particular home is still available. I know that it was a month ago when we visited there. There are also several other houses currently for sale there. Just visit Bass Lake Christian Retirement Community on the internet.

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