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Verizon's "New" Plans & Traveling in Canada/Mexico


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First, these are the Verizon data plans I'm talking about, announced in July 2016:

2 GB = $35/mo ("S" plan)
4 GB = $50/mo ("M" plan)
8 GB = $70/mo ("L" plan)
12 GB = $80/mo
16 GB = $90/mo ("XL" plan)
24 GB = $110/mo ("XXL" plan)
30 GB = $135/mo
40 GB = $180/mo
50 GB = $225/mo
60 GB = $270/mo
80 GB = $360/mo
100 GB = $450/mo

I'm on Verizon's "M" plan now because we're able to get broadband from our park model's cable model during the Winter. When we hit the road at the end of the month, we'll probably go with a 50 or 60GB plan.

All these plans have monthly data Carryover. For data overages, there is either "Data Boost" ($15 per GB) or "Safety Mode" (automatic data slowdown to 128 kbps if you exceed data limit).

Also, if you sign up for an XL or greater data plan, you "can get unlimited talk and text from the U.S. to Mexico and Canada and also continue to use their data plan and received unlimited talk and text when visiting those countries" (see below).

Has anyone verified this while traveling in Canada (or Mexico)?


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Yes we used the free phone & data Verizon plan in Canada as we traveled back from Alaska in August & September. The usage was treated the same as if we were in the US.


On the way up we paid a nominal sum for phone & data through Verizon. Something like a couple of dollars per 24 hour use per device. That plan is not longer in affect.


On Edit: I see from the chart provided by the OP, that the $2/24hr period is still available to the low data plans. It is called the "Travel Pass"



We had decent coverage in every major town on the Alcan Hwy and had good coverage in Stewart, BC coming down the Cassiar. While I said we had good coverage in the towns, most of the time we didn't get a usable signal until we were within 3-5 miles of the center of town.

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Verizon. I was with Millenicom when Verizon crushed them, they had a special plan for ex-Millenicom users.


Cool! I was with the "old" Millenicom also, but the only plan VZW offered me was $100 / 20GB. I know Millenicom has a new MVNO relationship with T-Mobile, but I'm not familiar with their plans, thus the question. T-Mobile's coverage doesn't work for me anyway. I do have an additional $50 / 20GB 4G/LTE plan on AT&T through H2O-Bolt though, that fills in nicely when our VZW data runs low. I also have a $5 / unlimited 3G plan that doesn't get a lot of use, but it's too cheap to give it up... ;)

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Verizon also has 30GB ($135), 40GB ($180), 50GB ($225), etc., data plans up to 100GB ($450) for those who need more. I intend to check the Canadian service this summer.


If you bought your phone from someone other than Verizon, like Apple, Google or Motorola, make sure Verizon has it properly registered by getting the SIM from a Verizon company store. There have been reports of unlocked phones, the Moto G4 was mentioned, still accumulating roaming charges in Mexico and Canada when the SIM was moved from another phone instead of getting a new SIM at a Verizon store.

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