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New Roofing System.


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I have been reading a bit about this apparently it is silicone rubber vs epdm. I am not sure of the benefits, if any, except that it will cause no chalking and has quite a long warranty. It applies over any existing roof including epdm. Not sure of the cost.

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I had RV Flex Armor (www.rvroof.com) installed on my 5'er a bit over a year ago after my EPDM roof membrane failed. Water was leaking through the membrane. The manufacturer's warranty of 12 years was a complete joke. Their offer after 5 years in service was $225.00.


RV Flex Armor cost about the same as a replacement rubber roof which I will NEVER own again. It is 187 mils thick and has a lifetime no leak warranty. It is sprayed on and covers all caulking as well so I sleep much easier now and not having to worry about when and where the next leak will occur. And being so much thicker than the original rubber it is much quieter inside and my a/c's actually cycle on/off even on the hottest summer days on the Florida Gulf Coast.


Would I use RV Flex Armor again? Yep and would do it on a brand new rubber roof. I don't trust rubber roofs under any circumstances.

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Since I'm getting ready to do our EPDM rubber roof, I have been looking at different products. So after reading Daveh's post I emailed the outfit.


Here is my question: When applying Gaco Flex S 2000 on a EPDM rubber roof (RV) , is there a primer that must be applied first? Any information would be helpful. Thanks and have a great day.


"You have to use GacoRoof GR1600 because it has solvents to help it bite to you EPDM, as long as it's aged EPDM not new.


For S2000 you will need the primer with Gaco E5320 because it is solvent free"


Now if you look those products up on their web site, the info given to me is amazing.


Believe I got taken on a trip without leaving my seat!

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Silicone is a NEVER to be used product on roofs esp EPDM. Use Dicor or polyurethane. I dont use silicone anywhere on the exterior of my coach. Poly mostly even to replace the dried out butyl around the windows. Cut it out and caulk with polyurethane. Dont use cheap stuff though.

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