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Schwinteck slide mechanism repair shop close to Phoenix?


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We need a good RV mechanic that can adjust or replace the rack and gear mechanism on one side of our slide out.

The rack and pinion gear is off by one or two gear tooth's.

The result is one slide corner is either sticking out too much or pulling tight sooner when retracted.

(This is not a timing problem.)


I took it to the Lance RV Service & Repair shop in Lancaster (800 miles round trip) last week and had a bad experience.

They want me to come back so that they can replace the gear mechanism (and it might only need adjustment but they want to sell the new part).


Schwintek repair in Phoenix area? Willing to travel 200 mile radius of Phoenix for repair.


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Rich, I watched Hitch Hiker adjust mine and was surprised at how easy it was. If it only out of adjustment here is what they did. They measured the gap when closed, and said it was off 3 teeth. They then opened the slide and cut a 2x4 the correct length to fit snugly into the "good side". Went to the other side, loosened the screw that attaches the motor to the shaft and slid it up. Then pushed that side in the equivalent of 3 teeth and lowered the motor and tightened the screw. The removed the 2x4 cycled the slide about 3 times so the memory would adjust to the new setting and all was good. If you are mechanical at all I wouldn't hesitate to adjust it my self. Dick

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I had a similar issue on my previous TT, and was able to "adjust" it back to normal using the various settings on the controller. In my case disabling one side of the slide let the other side return to normal. Once it was squared off again, I reactivated the one side and all was well. I am fairly sure it had jumped a couple gears based on the scuff marks I saw on the rail, but not positive.


I was able to find a pile of literature online that told me all kinds of stuff about the controller and how to use it.


Hope it helps.

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There is a highly regarded mobil RV Repair service at the North Ranch SKP campround in Congress, AZ (~60 mi from Phoenix). I haven't personally used his service but several friends have told me how pleased they are with his work and his prices. You might give him a call:


Vern Penner

Penner's Mobile RV Repair



He usually spends the cooler months here and then heads north around April.



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Good luck. I had exact same problem with the complication that while waiting for the parts to come it the slide jammed while I was closing it. After a month fooling around with my least favorite national repair faciiltiy because it was highly recommended by several folks on the Thor forum I called the factory and took ti to them. They fixed it and few other minor things in 3 hrs. CW was projecting 24 manhours.

Based on what I learned, I think the method mentioned by Dick has merit!

As I said good luck!

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Follow up:

I contacted Vern Penner and met with him at the North Ranch near Congress/Wickenburg.

(Slightly more than an hour's drive from our current location.)


Vern went over the entire slide out system with an examination on par with the Mayo Clinic.

(Did everything but X-rays)


Final diagnosis is that the lower front gear rack & pinion is off by one or two gear teeth.

In a thinking-outside-of-the-box approach, Vern thought that we could remove all the screws attaching the lower gear bracket, cut off (shorten) the end of the gear rack and physically push the slide box back along the lower gear track about 3/4 of an inch. Re-attach, then re-time the motors.


I think that this would absolutely work, in theory, and can imagine two obstacles to it's success.

One, I'm sure that sealant was used on the lower gear bracket. I will have to test to see if it the sealant seal can be broken.

Two, heaving on the slide box to move it 3/4 inch along the gear bracket could require more man power.

And Three, how to keep the gear bracket from moving when shoving the slide box.


Vern tightened up some loose screws and part (after three calls to Lippert / Schwinteck for consultations).

At present, the slide out works smoothly - better than ever before.

Of course, my motivation to do further repairs has considerably receded.

However, it's an itch remaining to be scratched.


Picture is of the Schwintek rack and pinion assembly. It would be attached to the slide wall and ordinarily never be out of adjustment from top to bottom.




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