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OT - Now here's a unique set up

Chad Heiser

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On the autos built today. I can see the doors never opening again. But that tank its on, well it would handle lots of weight. I seen a fool years ago. he had a bundle of 2x4's (294 pcs) on the roof of his Chevy Suburban. Not sure what the weight is, but I know last year I hauled 3 on my triple axles goose neck trailer. And I could sure tell they were back there. WOW just figured it and at 10 lbs per board that's pushing 3000 lbs.. I don't know how far the old was going. But the guy did tell me that was the second time he had loaded him like that. :rolleyes:

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I actually saw quit a few of them back in the late 40's when traveling the country with my folks and family...

They were an excellent idea, but obviously as the cars got flimsier it became not such a good idea..

Yes VW's had them for quite a while, and you still can bump in to one on occasion...

Also that has to be an altered 5er for this one too.

Love it though..



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