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Dicor on roof


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The GPS puck for the Sat system needs replacing and the holes thru the roof where it plus some other cables enter the unit are covered with a puddle of what looks like Dicor self leveling compound.


Maybe one of those saws they use to remove casts from one of many breaks I've encountered. They cut the cast but have never cut my skin.


The roof is rubber.


What is the best and safest way to deal with this?


I figure to use the existing cable taped to pull the new one thru, depending on how big the hole is. If not big enough a snake or coathanger.



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I went at a large patch on my rubber roof with a hooked blade linoleum knife and a putty knife. When I used steady pressure that seemed to work best. I took the bulk of the buildup off, and exposed clean compound, plus any voids or cracks.

Then I went over it with fresh compound hoping the new stuff would adhere to the old stuff.

A heat gun would speed up the process I think.

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