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Roadside assistance


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Everyone was very helpful with truck insurance, after looking them all over we went with Good Sam's - so far so good, them seem very good to deal with, I hope I never have to use them.

NOW - who do you use for roadside assistance?

Right now we have AAA - but with the Volvo I'm hearing that might not be the best choice.

SO I'm reaching out to you again - any advice?


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I have used Coachnet over the last several years and really like that it covers my whole family. I have AMA (AAA) RV plus but had to get a special exemption on the Volvo because they said it was commercial. I told them they were not the service for me and would be losing my business. They sent me a letter that I keep with me that says the Volvo is included in the towing package.

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Good Sam for years and we used them over the years, twice to tow the truck and once to road service the truck, also for blown tires on the fifth (when you blow two within two hundred miles - therefore no spare who you gonna call). When you drive and tow what we do it's a must.

They do employ idiots though, you explain, you double explain and you ask again whether they understand what the job is and the size and type of the rig involved. Last time they sent a guy he showed up with a pickup tow, he sent a phone picture to the facility and said "you better send the big truck over, I'll wait here".

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I have Good Sam platinum as well. I have only had to use them once, but they towed my HDT to the shop of my choosing when my ECM died a couple of years ago.


I did get a tow truck that was too small the first time, but after talking to the tow driver that showed up, I found out it was the tow company's mistake and not Good Sam. It was Friday afternoon and the only qualified operator for the big rig tow truck Good Sam requested from the local tow company was the owner of the tow company. Apparently the owner didn't want to drive all the way out to where I was late on Friday afternoon so he sent one of his drivers in a medium duty tow truck because obviously Good Sam didn't know what they were talking about when they requested the big rig tow truck for an RV. The employee driver was very apologetic when he showed up and said the owner was kind of an a$$ and wouldn't let any of his employees drive his prize machine (the big rig tow truck). Well the owner had toco e out anyway and now it was even later on Friday afternoon. I can't fault Good Sam for that.

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I have Coachnet and have used it 3 times. It costs me $149 a year and covers the Volvo, Smart and Hitchhiker. Of course I have fad the service for 8 years so that may help. The last tow was both the Volvo and Hitchhiker. We had unloaded the Smart or it would have rode also.



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We have the Good Sam plan and have had good service from them in three separate situations, including a 125 mile tow of the Volvo and the trailer. We have cost them near $3,000 over the last three years, all of which has been paid promptly. I don't know why they have not cancelled me yet.


The problem with Good Sam was mentioned above. Good Sam actually contracts with All State for roadside assistance. One has to convince a bored woman that Joe's Tow will not do. I always try to talk with the tow company, as the tow operators understand the difference between a Ford F-150 and a Volvo truck. Our experience has been that those big Peterbuilt tow operators are most knowledgeable and are very good at their business.


For many folks, impatience is a real problem. Getting a big rig tow to you is not usually quick and breakdowns are often in awkward locations. If you have a Volvo I-Shift and your engine is running you can shift to "M", Volvo's emergency 1st gear that allows one to pull to safe location. In the future I plan to break down in supermarket parking lots.

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We have used Good Sam. Currently, we're expired, and I'm not sure whether I'll re-up.


The one time I really needed assistance was on a Friday afternoon, 250 miles north of Whitehorse, Yukon. It was about 60 miles to the nearest cell tower. My bride went ahead with the smart, found a pay phone, and tried to arrange a tow. Nearest tow was in Whitehorse, Yukon........ She tried to explain that we needed the big truck, to tow our rig. Kid didn't understand, so she told him we pull with a road tractor. After that, he just kept saying they don't cover commercial vehicles.


So, the emergency service is only as good as the person who answers the phone. Good luck.

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Good Sams for us . Have had the 5er and truck towed. Tires on 5er changed. Good service but during weekends you might have to wait a little while because people and trucks only break down at the most inopportune time.    Pat



The Old Sailor

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We had CN for years after dumping GS ERS. CN has towed our MDT twice once in Newfoundland and just this year in Alaska. Only question asked by the tow company was where you want us to take it. This year they sent out two tow trucks,one for our MDT and anotherto tow our 44’ 5er to a compground. 

“Happy Trails”


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On 11/14/2018 at 6:02 AM, jeffw said:

We use http://www.usrider.org/

They cater to the crowd that hauls horses. They've been good to work with the one time I needed help.


As I was reading thru the choices.....I was wondering *where* are the (few) HDT owners who tow horse trailers??

Even w/out hay burners, US Rider is a class act!  When I had some questions about coverage, I not only received  an E-mail reply - but also a USPS reply with an offer to talk to the lady in charge (not a sales person, or dispatcher)....which I did.

As you (should) know many horse owners tow with MDTs and HDTs - so they are "tuned in" to what you have.

They will tow *whatever* you are driving - and/or towing.  YOU just have to be there.. Only ERS that will tow a trailer with live animals.

NO hay burner ownership (or transporting same) req'd.

And another kudos:  My "backup" is American Motorcyclist Assoc (:AMA:)  It's a ditto to the above - (whatever you are driving or towing) $50 a year....but limited to 35 mile tow. NO M/C ownership or MCs "on board" required.

Only (AMA) requirement is have your membership auto deducted from your CC, and of course - you will receive the monthly AMA mag.

When I was HDT searching, I called the AMA to ask about HDTs  *inc'l* tandem. The gal I spoke to was great - but was not sure about one or the other (forget which now) - so she gave me the number for the parent company for theri ERS plan (ALL the ERS plans have one). 

I was pretty surprised at that - but did not follow up on her offer (NO HDT - either single or tandem)......but YES I do have AMA also.

I've been around long enough to have had both GS & CN - but fortunately, never had to use *any* of my choices for ERS.

Bottom line - check out  US Rider & AMA. - talking  is cheap (free).!!


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