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proper paper work to have in hdt.

runaway parents

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I've scoured the internet looking for a citable/printable link to a "government" website showing the famous 6 or 7 items needed to qualify as a motorhome.


Anyone have a good link?

Here is the federal regulation most are referring to when they talk about this:


Code of Federal Regulations - Title 49: Transportation

49 CFR 571.3 - Definitions


Motor home means a multi-purpose vehicle with motive power that is designed to provide temporary residential accommodations, as evidenced by the presence of at least four of the following facilities: cooking; refrigeration or ice box; self-contained toilet; heating and/or air conditioning; a potable water supply system including a faucet and a sink; and a separate 110125 volt electrical power supply and/or propane.


However, it is up to each state to actually set the state registration guidelines. Therefore each state is different depending on how they wrote their individual guidelines.

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Thank you, Chad. That's just what I was looking for.




My home state of Wisconsin has very little to say as to defining a "motor home". (340.01 (33m))


“Motor home” means a motor vehicle designed to be operated upon a highway for use as a temporary or recreational dwelling and having the same internal characteristics and equipment as a mobile home.


And a "Mobile Home" is a trailer house! (101.91 (10))


“Mobile home" means a vehicle manufactured or assembled before June 15, 1976, designed to be towed as a single unit or in sections upon a highway by a motor vehicle and equipped and used, or intended to be used, primarily for human habitation, with walls of rigid uncollapsible construction, which has an overall length in excess of 45 feet. “Mobile home" includes the mobile home structure, its plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems, and all appliances and all other equipment carrying a manufacturer's warranty.

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