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Boondock area generator hours for Tucson?


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If you're talking about Snyder Hill, there are no generator hours - just don't park close to your neighbor if you tend to run it a lot. That's usually the case with boondocking spots. Campgrounds are a different story. Here's a good report on Snyder Hill.



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Yes I was talking specifically about the Escapade. I see that hour were something like 7:30 - 11:30 in a previous year.


I'd also like to know about facilities in the boondock area. Are there:

1. Restrooms

2. Showers

3. A dump station

4. Fresh water fill?




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I will assume you can fill your fresh water tank at the dump station.


It's best to arrive with a full fresh water tank and empty holding tanks. If you're arriving early you may have time to dump and fill, but the main arrival day is usually too hectic getting everybody parked to let you get to the dump station.


You're discouraged from moving after you're parked for safety reasons.

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