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How Do I Drive HDT Commercial Truck Home


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You have some options. You could get your own Class B CDL, which will allow you to drive it home legally without a trailer. Your state may also have a non-commercial Class B which should also work. That would be a minimum of two written tests and a driving test using a class B vehicle. Or, you could hire a driver to deliver it to your home, the dealer might even be able to work that into your deal. These would be the safest, legally. Any other options could result in fines and other issues if you are pulled over for any reason.

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I did the initial application and written test for a non-CDL Class A in Illinois, received a permit pending driving test (which actually required a CDL driver with me when operating). Then I flew to Kansas and drove the truck back to the Chicago area alone with no issues.

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I just drove mine with a class c. From Houston to Baton Rogue and then back to Livingston TX. That where I got Class A and legal. All this was illegal but no problems. It was already converted, registered and insured though. I was working out of state at the time. That really complicated getting the proper license. With no dot numbers, hitch removed, odds are you won't be stopped. Not saying it couldn't happen.

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I will say how I did it. DW and I flew from Sea-Tac one way to Old River Truck in Richland, Ms. We took delivery (in Feb. 2010) and left with the title, bill of sale and other papers, no permits or drivers license endorsements. Traveled south to Breaux Bridge, La. for 2 days. Then to Mission, Tx. for 3 days. Then up through Cortez, Co., Moab, Ut., Salt Lake City, Ut. Boise, Id., Pasco, Wa. and Seattle.

I stopped at ALL open weigh stations. Only in Cortez was I hassled. Was held up 3 hours and had to pay 2 citations...fuels tax and interstate commerce ticket and we were on on our way. Thirty nine weigh stations.

Your results may vary.

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If I purchase a truck out of state and it is currently a commercial HDT how do I legally drive it home? Getting close to finding the right truck.




What state is your home state?

Are you registering the truck as a private vehicle/motorhome in your home state?

What are your state rules and regs concerning the above?

If your driver's license in your current state allows you to drive the truck in its final configuration you "Might, Should, Hopefully, Carefully" be ok getting a truck home.

Having your insurance in order when you pick up the truck is also a necessity

If the selling dealer is willing to remove the commercial hitch plate it might help in a roadside explanation in that you didn't buy the truck for commercial purposes.

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Wow wonder how in the world the Class A motor home guys gets by without air brake Endorsement? I know in Tn, when I had the F800 Ford, It had air brakes. But was registered as a motor-home/Private auto so no endorsement needed. Class c covered it for me.

IF and when we find the right truck. I will hire someone to drive it home. That or come home and get tags and everything for it. Then go back and put my private tags on. With insurance card, and drive it home. Not stopping at any scales. Unless they flag me into one.


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