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Winegard TRAVLER 1000 - Any Maintenance advised?

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We are starting our 5th year with a Winegard Trav'ler 1000 mounted on our MH roof. We have had no problems. But, I can't help but wonder... is there any recommended Preventative Maintenance ? I have googled the question, checked Winegard's web site... nothing found.


Just wandering...


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My SK-3005 Trav'ler is coming to it's 9th year without any problems.


Mine does have a few paint chips on the base that may come from using a power washer on it. Dish part is fine. Birds do seem to like to make a deposit on the dish and the power washer take care of that.

Those areas are starting to corrode some. I may get some paint to cover it.


A little silicone on the arm areas that flex may not hurt anything if you want to do that.

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The manual has nothing about any maintenance to be performed on the Trav'ler. The only things that might be important in an emergency are Emergency Manual Stow and Emergency Power Off.


Emergency Manual Stow

If unable to stow the TRAV’LER antenna, it may be necessary to use emergency manual stow. Emergency manual

stow is meant as a last resort and is not meant for common usage! To use emergency manual stow, unplug the

interface box. Then, remove the black plastic bolt from the back of the mount. Insert a 5/16” socket extension into this

auxiliary drive. Turn the auxiliary drive clockwise to lower the unit. Do not use a drill!

Emergency Power Off

The antenna comes with an emergency power off feature. To activate it, press and hold “POWER” and then press

“SELECT” while still holding “POWER”. The TRAV’LER antenna will stop and turn off. If the emergency power off

feature is used, the antenna may not be in a safe position for travel. Do not move the vehicle until the unit is stowed.

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