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Replacing dealer installed Furion with an LG TV


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Our new Pinnacle 5er has a Furion 50" TV and built in sound system (DV1200). I'm assuming Jayco went with Furion because it is ruggedly built for vehicles and motor craft (or they just got a good price from the mfr). But the picture quality is not very good. I would like to replace it with an LG OLED55B6P. Dimensions will fit the TV elevator but will the LG hold up under the rigors of motion?


Before buying the Pinnacle new I looked at used rigs and noticed many had upgraded the TVs to Samsung or Sony. Even some new rigs have Samsung. Does anyone have an opinion or bits of wisdom on putting a more mainstream market TV in and RV?


New to RVing in general and about to go full time very soon. Thanks for the input.

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My new 2017 DRV comes with an LG TV from the factory. I'm not sure which model yet, because the trailer is in OK and I am in CA, but I will find out in a few weeks when I make the trek back to pick it up.


Here are a couple of links to photos of the TV I have on my google drive.





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Pick any decent TV that you like. The Vizio TVs have 100% full array backlighting. That means the LEDs are spread evenly all over the back of the screen. Many TVs including the top name brands were edge lit meaning they only have LEDs along the edges. I had a Samsung blow all the capacitors up, and my last Plasma was good but today's TVs being all solid state if burned in with no issues should be good to go for ten years. I have several Emerson 40" TVs for our 5th wheel and our master bedroom in the house. We lived in our fiver for a year (Jan-September 2015) while waiting for the ground to dry enough to set up the foundation and concrete for the new one. The 40" 1080p Emerson, a junk brand in the past, held up and had a picture equal to any of the more expensive brands. It is my experience that if it looks right when new, and you burn it in with no problems, it will give years of use barring it being dropped or in an accident.



Nice pic!

Our Vizio had one problem early on and they sent out a tech within 48 hours who repaired it a year ago. Still awesome.


If it is still in warranty I would get it repaired.


I had never heard of them but it appears they do yachts and trucks and RVs: https://www.furrion.com/


Here are a series of reviews: https://www.reevoo.com/p/furrion-fefs42l1d


Anybody remember that cheapo poorly made Goldstar TVs and DVD players? LG is them and stands for Lucky Goldstar.


I bought my Vizio, a brand I thought of like Goldstar before their name change, when AVS Forum named it best TV of 2015 and after this review : http://www.avsforum.com/vizio-m65-c1-led-lcd-uhdtv-official-avs-forum-review/

I owned a top of the line Panasonic Plasme 58" before it, and hated the LCD artificial and soap Opera effects. The full array Vizio blew me away too. So you might want to check out the AVS forums before you buy.

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Before condemning the TV, I would suggest making sure the cables are tight, whether they are coax or HDMI. I had to upgrade my satellite boxes, and also had to install HDMI cables from the boxes to the TV's. During that process, I couldn't believe how loose the coax connections were that were installed by the manufacturer of the trailer. Also, if you have coax where you have the ability to upgrade to HDMI cables, you might be surprised how much better the picture will be. Both our TV's are now super sharp compared to before.

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An update:

I wrote to LG specifically asking about using the OLED in an RV. They replied that the components of the OLED are thinner than LED and they did not think the the TV would do well in a high vibration environment. They did not say that using it in an RV would invalidate the warranty, however, just that the chances were good there could be problems. I noted they did not recommend another of their models.


Consumer Reports fairly recently tested TVs and the top 3 were LG OLED models (the image really is remarkable) while 4-6 were Samsung. I wrote to Consumer Reports asking them if they tested products for full time RV use and they responded that it was something they may think about doing. That could be a positive.


Costco had a good Super Bowl sale on one of the Samsung models CR rated highly so we bought it. May try to use the Furrion as a patio TV if it will fit in the space provided for one.


Thank you all for your input. I did not know about LG being Goldstar. I'll have to research Lippert to understand Allie and Jim's reply. Learning is good.

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