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Too hot in bedroom


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We're new to 5th wheels, always had a motorhome. We have a 30 ft. Alpine with 2 zones. Our problem is that in cold weather, if we turn the heat on in zone 1 (living area), the zone 2 (bedroom) is then disabled for anything but cool, fan or off. So we set the heat at night to 65 in zone 1 and it keeps that heat at 65. Meanwhile, the heat rises to the bedroom, and in addition, there is a small amount of heat coming from the overhead vents in the bedroom. The result is that the bedroom gets pretty unbearable! I've tried turning the temp. down in zone 1, but all that does is make the heater blow longer when it blows, the bedroom doesn't cool down as fast, so it just gets hotter and hotter. Any ideas?

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I wonder how heat is coming from the overhead vents? Does your heat come

from floor vents? I have a 2015 Wildcat with two ACs ducked together and the furance

puts the heat out of floor vents in both the living/kitchen and bedroom. With heat on, the

main cabin thermostat controls and the bedroom thermostat would work on AC but not on heat.

Unless your heat comes from overhead vents, I would wonder how you have heat from those overhead

vents? If it is not much heat coming from overhead vents it could be leakage but you would have to know

how the AC/heat is ducked to see if that is possible.

Good Luck

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Assuming you have a short hallway between the rooms place a rod with a spring inside across the hall

and hang a heavy curtain from floor to ceiling. We do this to keep the downstairs living area warm andcut off the heat from rising into the bedroom. The curtain allows our cat to move around. Greg

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If you have a heat pump unit in zone 1 you may have some heated air coming from that unit thru the bedroom ducts. A Mobile Suite we owned did that. If you are running the actual furnace you should only have air coming out of the floor vents. To control the temp. why not open a window in the bedroom area or the bathroom ceiling vent. This will also help minimize the amount of moisture buildup in he rv.

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"I've tried turning the temp. down in zone 1, but all that does is make the heater blow longer when it blows"


This makes no sense. If you set the temperature to 55 why would it run longer? Should turn off at 55.


Have you read your manuals?


I haven't had a 5th wheel in about 10 years. I don't know how the furnace forced air system works with 2 zones, didn't even know that was available. In our 2 year old MH we have a thermostat in the LR and in the BR. When running the forced air the only thermostat that controls the furnace is the LR. The BR controls the heat pump in the AC unit and only that, has nothing to do with the forded air heat system.

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