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Escapees membership SALE at the big tent in Quartzsite.


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I must be blind as a bat...what do you get when you join the club?

There are 19 RV parks that are part of the Escapee system, an outstanding magazine, access to the worlds best RV mail services, access to "stoppin spots" the members who let members park on their property, access to a free jobs bulletin board, discounted stays in associated RV parks, discounts from both commercial members and endorsed businesses, and a long list of things best found in the link which Big Greg posted in #7. But even most important is the family you become a part of when you join the club. The people of the club are the greatest benefit of all!


Interesting news Rich :) Thanks for sharing.

I will pass this message to my friend.

Welcome to the Escapee forums! If you are near Quartzsite it might just pay off for you to go in and join us!

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Is the Escapee Organization in money trouble? Only wondering? Since it is a private company??


I doubt it. They are actively expanding into a younger market which I see as a good move to keep the company going a long time into the future. Many of the newer members are from the same demographic the originators of this service were when they started. That's a good thing.


Linda Sand

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