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My Dream Truck (almost)

Chad Heiser

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So I was poking around on YouTube and found this.



It's not the most exciting video, but it gives me hope. This is the first Argosy glider I have come across. I figured they had to be out there, but there isn't a huge cab over market in North America so they are few and far between. This would make a great RV hauler, although I would prefer it was paired with an Ultrashift instead of the manual it has. I would love to have an Argosy to keep my overal length manageable. I could single it to a similar wheelbase to what I have now (short) and still have room for a Smart or ATV or similar on the bed and stay under 65' overall. Dream big, I say. One of these days!

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There have been many of these built for the US and Canadian market. I don't have a total number but I have seen and taken pictures of at least a dozen in the last year. I started a thread about 2 of them sitting for sale in Tulsa.

The cab noise is probably not as good as a Volvo, but as good as most conventional tractors on the market. All cabs have to make a maximum noise level of 80db or less when under full power.

Cabovers have always been a creature created by arcane regulations, usually associated with overall length laws. The EU's 54' over all length and Australia's various regulations about axle spreads, wheelbases and axle weights cause them to be used there.

The Argosy, as good as it looks is a 20 year old platform. Relative to what the Europeans have it downright primitive.


If you want a sexy cabover try looking at the videos that Paccar has showcasing it's DAF trucks made in the Netherlands like this:


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I believe this is what Stekay is referring to :




There are 2 trucks involved. 1 is completed glider, running and ready to go . The other has the reman engine installed at the factory, the rest is up you. Both of them are set up for heavy haul, double frames, 240" inch wheelbase and extended frame beyond where the rears are to be mounted.

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