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Volvo D-16 vs D-13 difference?

Vegas Teacher

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Please educate the teacher............


What is the difference between the D16 and D13 engine, in the volvo 780 Semi's?


Also how do I know if the truck has split differentials or differential locks for the front and rear differential, if it does not say it in the description?


Is there a way by looking at pictures of the dash to figure this out?


How much is repair on the APU unit? Saw few trucks with APU's but, when I called, I was told they did not work.


Last but not least, this past Sunday I met up with some of the people from the forum in Las Vegas and it was really nice to put names and faces together. ATV, Larry & Donna and Vegas Flyer - All great people and very nice to meet them, I had a great time, I got to ride in a very nice 780 and learned a lot. I now have more questions as you can see but my knowledge level is going up.




Vegas Teacher:


Cory Ossana


P.S. Attached is a picture of me so you all can see what I look like.




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What is the difference between the D16 and D13 engine, in the volvo 780 Semi's?


The difference is about 3. :-)


The number is the engine size (displacement) in liters. So a 13L engine vs a 16L engine.


I heard early-on the D16 had a number of problems, particularly with the high-pressure coolant system it used. I believe they moved away from that at some point. The D16 is quite a bit heavier than the D12/D13--front axle weights can be an issue when you single.


The D16 has been discontinued ( http://www.overdriveonline.com/volvo-halts-production-of-vnx-tractor-nixes-d16-engine/ ) as of a few days ago.


There are a few folks on here with D16s. Hopefully they'll pipe in.

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3 liters lol

Ok, enough bad jokes. the 16 liter was discontinued yesterday by Mack and Volvo. It has not been a good engine from a reliability standpoint and I have my thoughts on why that is. They do cause trucks with them to be less expensive than 13 or 12 liter engines. Secondly they weigh an enormous amount more than the 13 so are always right on the limit for front axle weight. Even dealers will steer you away from one. I think that speaks volumes.

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Weights: D13 2676 lbs, D16 3134 lbs. Difference is 456 lbs. Numbers are Volvo's numbers.


I've owned both. The D16 sounds quite a bit different. The D13 is quite a bit quieter, especially an XE, which runs at very low RPMs. But neither are obnoxiously noisy. The D16 is likely better in BIG mountains. Nothing really beats the displacement. But that is arguable. My D16 was very reliable. D16 IS harder to work on in some situations, since it is pretty much shoehorned into the engine compartment. I've been told the D16 sits a little farther back in the cab, but I cannot really notice that.


Given a choice on an EQUAL truck with the SAME HP/Torque I'd take the D13. And I did.

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The D12 bore/stroke is 5.16 x 5.90 (131 X 150) (in/mm)

The D13 bore/stroke is 5.16 x 6.22 (131 x 158) (in/mm)


So it looks like the bore is the same. The added displacement came from a longer stroke. Probably a similar block.


D12 was only an EGR engine for emissions. The later D13 used DPF/SCR and likely ran hotter, so likely they made some changes.

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We have maybe a dozen drivers in our fleet that have had Volvo D-16's in their trucks, most of them purchased new. All but one has had many more problems of all sorts leading to maintenance costs easily double the much more reliable D-13. One of the drivers was forced into bankruptcy because of the extensive downtime while repairs were being made under warranty. Several others are quite literally stuck with their present tractors because Volvo dealers in particular and others will not even consider a trade.

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