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vinyl plank flooring and flush floor slide install question

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putting in new vinyl plank flooring in the 5th wheel. The main slide is a flush fit slide (floor is flush with entire floor when out. How have folks installed new, non-carpet floors in this configuration. Can it remain flush? Or do I need to put a thin subfloor in the slide and have a little lip?




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FWIW when we had our Hitchhiker built we asked to eliminate as much carpet as possible. They said that in the slides they had to put carpet as there was no practical alternate way to cover the gap when the slides were extended. We also have flush slides and if you lift up the carpet flap there is a small gap that needs to be covered. Whether you could do it with a little cantilevered lip I can't say, but Hitchhiker wouldn't. I'd imagine that a thin bit of subfloor would be pretty fragile.

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My neighbor decided to put vinyl in the main floor front and carpet in the rear. They bought a carpet rug from Lowe's that was 12X8 and already bound all around for $79. We were able to cut the carpet down the middle and use one side for the 12' slide and the other piece for the 8' side. For the 12' piece at the rear end we had to add a dog ear piece which was cut out from left overs and we just used a couple of layers of duct tape on the back side to hold it in place. For the 8' piece on the rear dog ear, we left extra binding and glued the binding in place. It really looks good and they were able to buy a second carpet piece for the main floor with pieces left over to carpet the stairs.


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