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T-Mobile $35 Hot Spot / 6G / Unlimited Streaming...A Review

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So to beat the clock of a January 22 sunset on this $35 a month T Mobile plan with 6G and unlimited bing streaming of HuLu, Netflix, DirecTV now, etc...On Friday I waltzed into the local T-Mobile store.

At first they knew nothing about such a plan. On my phone I opened the Technomadia website and showed them the article. A few minutes later they "found" it....Fifteen minutes later I walked out the door with a Alcatel Hot Spot ($70) at $3 a month and a few $$ for taxes etc. Total monthly is under $40. (BTW...These folks at the T Mobile store claim this option is not going away. They showed me a bunch of voice plans that would be terminated on Jan 22 and this plan was not among them)

If you are a paying member of Technomadia, there is a bunch of this info on their web site. Not sure how much is available on the free site (BTW, if you are not a paying member of Technomadia, and you have any interest in WiFi/Cellular/Data/Solar/etc....You should be! I can't tell you how many times I saved the yearly subscription fee by not going down the wrong road with all this technical stuff!)

Anyways...I continue...All weekend I ran my entire office, my Apple TV, my Amazon Fire Stick and three devices off the Alcatel T-Mobile Hot Spot. It worked amazingly well. I could not tell the difference from my cable (Comcast) hard wire connection. Both wife and I were streaming content with fantastic results. My wife had no idea her I-Pad and I-Phone were operating from a hot spot.

I also have a Verizon hotspot and a Sprint hotspot. The Sprint is totally useless....3G for $30 a month but it is able to connect about 50% of the time...Last week I was in Herndon VA and the Sprint had zero service. In fact, on the drive down from Massachusetts to Herndon, VA, I tested both Sprint and Verizon about every hour (Didn't have T-Mobile yet) and the Sprint rarely had good enough service to run my business from.....Terrible product and terrible service!

As we all know, Verizon is fantastic for connections. I've NEVER been in a situation where Verizon didn't work great. But if you want to stream video, better have a big wallet! My Verizon HS is supplied by my company with a huge data plan that we never reach.


Another nice feature is Data Roll Over....."Data Stash" where you can roll over unused data from month to month. Depending on your use, you could end up with a relative large bank of data...

Hope this helps other with the decision.... Hopefully the T Mobile folks are correct and this plan is still available.....

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Thanks for sharing Roy!


As best we know, this plan is now shelved by T-Mobile - at least according to our contacts at T-Mobile. Data only options will remain, but they won't include features like Binge On and Data Stash (which is what made this plan super awesome).


T-Mobile's coverage is still a solid third compared to Verizon and AT&T, but they are on a rapid pace to keep expanding their coverage.



For those curious, this is the article Roy was referring to where he learned about the plan - there is member-only tips (including a 25m video explaining the plan and how to get it) at the bottom too: T-Mobile “Uncarrier-Next” Includes Taxes & Fees, Drops Simple Choice Tablet & Hotspot Options


And for clarity, Technomadia is our 'personal' online presence. RVMobileInternet.com is our site that offers a premium membership level (but we do try to offer a bunch of free content too). Remember, Escapee's members are eligible for a special discount which you can find on their website, and in the upcoming magazine issue.

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Gary, tried T-Mobile 2-3 yrs ago....no good at RE. Just accept it, we live in a Black Hole !



Dave, I have a brother-in-law that hunts out on the big sandy east of here and advised his T Mobile did not work there. Was just wondering if it did here. It seems the AT&T Signal has improved a little on this side of the creek. Have you noticed any improvement with yours?


"Happy Trails"


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I bought a T-Mobile hotspot ($70) over a year ago and have their 2GB data only plan for $20 a month. I use it only for streaming Amazon Prime and Netflix, always works great. The 2GB does roll over so I have data available if I need some if my Verizon is down (doesn't happen often). Both my Apple TV and my Amazon Firestick default to this hotspot.


My Verizon account has 2 phones and a hotspot, includes 16GB plus 4GB "bonus data", with rollover, so that is my main internet connection. I don't stream on this account but use it for all my other Internet needs. Usually costs me $150 a month.


Once, near San Antonio, I had no T-Mobile but did have Verizon. In Lewisville (near Dallas) and in Conroe (north Houston) my T-Mobile data is significantly faster than Verizon. For all my other travels, mostly in the South and up in to Colorado, T-Mobile has worked just about as well as my Verizon. T-Mobile also worked well when I carried my hotspot in Canada. This summer I'll be in the PNW, we'll see how it works there.


For me, the T-Mobile plan is working great and is worth the money.


ON EDIT: I typed the above based on my memory. So just to be sure I checked back in to my account and noticed I have the Simple Choice 6GB plan for $35, and have had the service for almost 2 years. Don't rightly know if my plan was changed at one point but it is what it is. This has not been a high visibility account for me so I am guilty of not checking my plan.


== John

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