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How do I research RV lots for sale in southern California?

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I absolutely loved Jojoba Hills and would have jumped right on the band wagon but they only allow 2 dogs and we currently have 3 little ones. It was a NO GO. We are now in a gated 55+ community with a secure RV storage yard with also a 2 dog limit. We submitted a letter asking for permission to have 3 and was given the OK.

Rules can be bent a little if they only wanted to. Jojoba Hills did not want to.

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Howdy, I'm trying to locate an RV lot somewhere in Cali. I'm from San Diego, but currently reside in Houston Texas. I've never done the RV life but I'm doing it now buying one and two months and plan on moving back somewhere in California in April of 22. I have a dog she's not that social. Does anyone know of a place where I can buy a lot that's not too expensive, that I can maybe fencing that would be ideal. Or a place where I can rent for a while until I can find a lot to buy.   Thanks bunches 

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Escapees Coop parks are the most affordable I have seen but many have a waiting list that is 5 years out.   Check out the one in Hondo TX or the corporate park that also has some leased lots called ERPU lots also with a wait list in Livingston TX.  This will give you a bit of a feel to compare to the ones in CA 


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It's very hard if not impossible to find property in Southern California where you can live in an RV.  Homelessness is a huge problem in the area and the extremely high cost of housing have forced many working poor to squat along public streets in broken down RVs because they've been priced out of anything better.   This creates a strong bias against allowing any kind of RV living on private property.

I worked in Santa Monica for 5 years before I retired and about the only place I could find to live in my RV was in an older but very nice grandfathered in RV park in the San Fernando Valley.   It's called Hollywood RV Park and it has the best management I've ever run across.  The park is about 1/3 overnighters, 1/3 medium term residents (people like traveling nurses and motion picture crew members who come and go with the work) and 1/3 permanent residents.  Expect to pay $1000-1500 a month if they have space.

You may find places to stay if you go to the desert on the other side of the mountains surrounding the L.A basin but at that point you might as well consider places along the Colorado River like Yuma, Quartzsite and Parker where RV life is routine.  Lots and lots of space there.

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There are a few RV Resorts in Palm Springs area with deeded lots.  They are more expensive than the Escapees Co-Ops but still not expensive based on the amenities you get.  Desert Shadows in Cathedral City on Ramon is nice and when I stayed there several years ago the lots were selling around $65,000.

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