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Hollywood Casino in Baton Rouge


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Hi Dennis,


They are listed in FreeCampsites, and have the best possible rating (albeit from a single user so far): https://freecampsites.net/#!93469&query=sitedetails






Thanks Vall, I had checked that site and seen the 1 review and was hoping someone here had stayed there. I will try it and maybe I will be the 2nd to review it.


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Be careful how you word your request. We asked a casino if we could park overnight in their lot and they said yes. But they were truly only giving us permission to PARK not sleep. They came knocking and wanted us to move into their hotel.


Linda Sand


Come to think about it I asked if they had a place to park an RV and was going to spend the night. They said yes in the back, but I didn't say if I was going to sleep in the RV or Hotel. I guess I will try it and see what happens.

Thanks for the heads up Linda, I will remember next time to let them know I'll be sleeping in the RV.

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Absolutely Not a place to bring any type of camper. This casino is a Riverboat on the Mississippi. I wouldn’t go there to visit nor would I park in their parking lot! Go to Farr Park if you want something in the city. I live in Baton Rouge!

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To Lenmar, SAY WHAT!!!. The OP was asking about overnight parking in their packing lot.  Are you suggesting he was wanting to park on the river boat over night?  just a question is it a real river boat floating or just a build on land and then water dike was removed to make it look like a river boat?? question did they move it during the hurricane? or is it built into the dirt?

On Farr Park $35.00 per night max stay 14 days and $10.00 dump fee

So again the OP was asking about parking over night.  So yes? No? parking allowed and if so what are the requirements to park there.  Since you are rom that area then maybe you can site the exact requirements.  At least I tried to help the OP by clarifying the costs associated with FARR Park.  

Good Luck OP on your question  

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Do you realize the original post was 2 yrs ago?  I did ask and they said it was OK to spend the night.  There was a security guard driving around the parking lot.  I had 2 GPS units running and both were telling me different directions.  I was lucky that I was going in on a Saturday and I pulled into a business with a large parking lot to get my computer from the 5th wheel to look on google earth.  When I stepped out a police officer was parked in front of me.  I asked directions and he said to go out and go under the train tracks.  I asked if I would clear, me being 13.6 high.  He thought a said follow me.  He took me through another way through town.  Next day I saw trucks going under tracks so that was the way I went out.


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I have been there without RV and even won a good amount of money at the Craps tables. If I were going to RV at a casino it would be Coushatta in Kinder, LA. They give us a $20 per night deal, sometimes free if you have been there recently and gambled. Tuesday buffet for seniors for $5 or free most of the time. It is a first class RV park, all pull throughs and they pick you up at your RV and take you to the casino and back. A first class RV park about 70 miles west of Baton Rouge.

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