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Has anyone used "We Go Look" to scope out an RV for sale?


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I saw a link on Ebay to an outfit called "We Go Look" that you can hire to go look at an RV (and other things) for sale that are too far for you to go see for yourself. They take pictures and send you a report. I suppose it's like a house inspection. Has anyone used it? A the most newbie of newbies, I'd appreciate your input.

The website for the company is https://wegolook.com


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It would appear that they do claim to inspect RV's but I'm wondering just what sort of guarantee they give to the buyer? From looking at their sample report, mostly they just send pictures of some features so you can see what it looks like. Do they actually test the appliances and examine for signs of leaks, roof conditions and all of the many other things unique to an RV? When I inspect an RV before I purchase it, if used it will take me at least 3 hours and sometimes 4. With a charge of $99 that includes travel to the RV and all of the pictures and such, I would be very surprised if they spend more than an hour, and likely less. Nobody can do a proper check of a used RV in so short a time. If all you want is pictures, it is cheap but I highly doubt the usefulness of it.


There are some very good books on doing your own inspection that are available from Amazon. I would also suggest that you use some type of inspection listing such as this one from the Alpine Coach Association or something similar.


It might help us to advise you if we knew where the RV is and possibly what sort of RV experience you have.

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If you are considering hiring this company, I highly recommend you first check them out. Contact the local BBB and C of C, and request the company send you copies of their insurance, bonding certificate, business license and references. Any reputable company should be willing to fulfill your requests.


If the company refuses or seemingly stalls, keep your money in your pocket.

Per their website for RV inspections, this is what you receive for $99


35 photos

VIN verification

make/model verification

odometer reading


Compare that to what Kirk recommends one check, which is really the meat and potato's of an RV inspection.

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I took the course to be an RV Inspector in December 2016. I have not done an inspection yet as I am still working FT and not traveling yet plus they have an advanced course I have yet to take. The one Budd listed is one place I could contract with to do inspections. Now the inspectors have different levels of inspections, some are just to verify VIN/Make/Model and check that a system (lights, slides, water pump, furnace ect) turn on. The second more involved inspection would involve checking fluids on a MH, sending them to analysis and actually operating all systems for a time to check their full function. If your buying a $300k MH you might want to spend $500-$1500 to get if fully inspected and it works right and the fluids have been changed. But if your getting a used $15k TT then maybe you just want to see that stuff turns on at least.


They gave an example in class, a customer lived in TX and wanted to buy in FL from Craigslist. The customer paid for a local FL inspector to look at the RV. The owner did not want to hook up all the systems and such, the inspector had to tell the customer they could not complete the inspection due to this. The inspector sent some pics of the RV anyway, the customer was shocked to find out that what they saw online was not what the inspector was looking at, VIN and stuff matched but the pics were two different RVs. So be weary of distance buying and get it verified if you can not go in person. An RV Inspector is something you can use if local or at a distance.

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