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Tire Load Ranges


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My rig came with load range F tires. I plan on going up to load range H because I'm going to be towing a 24' enclosed trailer next summer. I was thinking of staying with the load range F on the front and the H's on the rear. Have others done this? Thanks.


Jeff :)

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More details would be needed.

On tires

Tire Size - 2xx/xxRxx.x

Max Load Single xxxxlbs @ xx psi

Max Load Dual xxxxlbs @ xx psi


One Federal Certification label






GVWR of trailer


Really any suggestions would also need to include actual loaded weights...

It would be very good to get it weighed at least to get axle weights. Even better wheel position weights.

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The original tire size is 225/70R19.5 load range F. Plan was to bump up to a 245/70R19.5 load range H. We weighed recently at an Oregon weigh station and the front axle was 6150 lb. and the rear was 14,350 lb. Last time the trailer was weighed it was 7500 lb. GCWR total weigh will be approximately 28000. A bit over it's weight rating. I've towed the trailer many times locally but this next summer we want to go to many states. Thanks again.


Jeff :)

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What are the Gross Axle Weight Ratings?


A 225/70R19.5 LRF tire in dual configuration (4 tires on the axle) can carry 13660 lbs (3415 lbs each Dual tire 3640 single) so this rear axle is overloaded if the rear axle weight is in fact 14350 lbs. If these numbers are correct then the max pressure of 95 psi (LRF) should be in the tires and they are still not enough to carry the current load. (LRG tires in this size can carry 3750 dual and 3970 Single at 110 psi)


The way to deal with this is to either off load stuff (at least 690 lbs to get under the tire capacity) or get a tire with more load capacity. Since we do not have the GAWR of the rear axle we can assume that it is overloaded since it was said that the original tires are LRF. Unless there is a manufacturer error the tire load capacity cannot be less than the Rear GAWR. Upsizing the tire will not change the GAWR since the tires are oly one component of the axle.


There are a number of variants of the 245/70R19.5 but the standard LRH in this size can carry 4540 lbs Dual and 4805 lbs Single. This means that a standard LRH in this size and in dual configuration (4 tires) could carry 18160 if inflated to 120 psi.


GCWR is a rating not a weight found in manufacturers information.

GCW is the weight of both vehicles combined should be less than the rating (GCWR) (6150+14350+7500 = 28000)

The GCWR needs to be greater than 28000 or this rating is also being exceeded.


A 7500 lbs trailer should produce a tongue weight anywhere from 750 lbs to 1125 lbs. A good chunk of this will go on the rear axle, which appears to already be overloaded.

Using the numbers given the load on the rear axle could possibly be 14350 + 1125 = 15475 lbs.


Standard LRG in the 245/70R19.5 can carry 4300 lbs Dual and 4540 lbs Single. So standard LRG tires in dual configuration could carry 17200 lbs.


Reminder that this is a standard 245/70R19.5. There are a number of variants of this tire with different Load carrying capacities.

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I think you're wise to up the rating . But I can't see any reason to not do all the tires the same . It eliminates any questions and / or concerns . For a couple bucks difference , it's not worth the hassle .

I agree.

I do not want a tire that operates at/near its maximum capacity. That's the main problem with trailer tires IMO., and the same for running near the minimum air pressure in MH tires (near maximum load capacity).

I once asked (different forum) how many who complain about tire failure were running per the load/inflation charts. Never did get a reply.

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The tires I want are Michelin XZE 245/70R19.5 Load range H. They are like hens teeth. I joined FMCA to get the discount and their stores don't have the tire. When we were passing through Oregon in October I was told they were a month out. A store in Yuma now tells me 2 months and the dealer at the Big Tent in Q told me 6 months. :( Called another tire store in Yuma not affiliated with FMCA and the have at least 6 so that is where I'm headed today. Thanks.


Jeff :)

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