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Toad vehicle

Bruce H

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Well its getting to be that time that I should start looking for a toad that I can toll 4 down. Im currently driving a 2009 Ford Escape which I do not want to trailer it.

My MH is a 2006 31' Gulfstream Sun Voyager with the workhorse chassia & 8.1 L GM Vortex V8. My personal preference would be a standard shift mini cooper. I believe my max tolling weight is 5,000lbs. I can't seem to find the info on what vehicle guide to use.

Can someone lead me in the right direction? I'll be full timing in October of 2018. Still a lot of time left, but don't want to wait till the last minute.




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FMCA publish a towed vehicle guide every year that tells what can be flat towed.

Just do your self a favor and DO NOT BUY A FORD FIESTA. We bought one because Ford say it can be flat towed but in 55.000 miles from new it's on it's 4th major transmission repair. Ford have extended the transmissioon warranty out to 150,000 miles to try and reasure owners.


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Quite a few people flat tow the mini cooper (Technomadia an example I believe) and its weight is such you shouldn't have a problem. One thing for sure, consult the manufacturer specs on the vehicle you do choose before purchasing to ensure flat towing won't violate any warranty provisions. Couple of things in your calculations as well:


1) tire pressure monitoring system for your mh AND the toad

2) emergency braking system for the toad (required in all but one state now)

3) if your Gulfstream doesn't already have one, a backup camera or other means of monitoring your tow is not a bad idea.


For #'s 1 and 2, I highly recommend the RViBrake 3 system. We have the RViBrake 2 and are seriously considering upgrading. The specs are very promising.

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I have been towing a 2007 Honda CR-V for 8 years with no problems. The new ones don't tow four down anymore. But it is nice to hook up the tow bar, put it in neutral and go. (of course you will hook up the braking system also for most states.) The Ford 450 has no problem with the 3700 pounds.

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